Who Is TWICE’s Mina’s Brother and Parents? Here’s the Complete Information About Her Family!

twice mina brother and family

Who Are TWICE’s Mina’s Brother and Parents?

Mina is one of the members of the girl group under JYP Entertainment, TWICE, which debuted in 2016. Mina comes from Japan and was scouted to be an idol trainee. Besides her singing and dancing talent, her popularity with TWICE expanded to her elegant image. This also led to curiosity about her family. So are many rumors about TWICE’s Mina’s family in Japan, so let’s get to know the real news about TWICE’s Mina’s family in this Channel-Korea article! Stay tuned!

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TWICE’s Mina’s Brother: an American Football Athlete


Mina’s brother named Kai Myoui is someone who has a sports body with a big build. Her brother became viral in the beginning because of this bulky and strong appearance compared with the small and cute Mina. From his photo, her brother likes to play American football.


Here is a photo uploaded by their mother when Mina and her brother were kids. Look at this photo and the immense size difference between them. Some fans expressed that her brother surely is protective and sweet to Mina. Looking at the photo below, it seems like he’s a linebacker on a football team. Kai Myoui will surely protect his sister no matter what. No one would be bold enough to disturb her. What do you think?


Once, Mina talked on KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Weekly, and she talked about her brother going to the TWICE concert at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium.


Mina stated that it was the first time seeing his brother in two years. Instead of feeling touched, Mina felt funny. Such an adorable relationship between them! Mina is happy to see him healthy and is thankful that he went to the concert.

TWICE’s Mina’s Mother: a Famous Lawyer in Japan


Mina’s mother is Myoui Sachiko and is of Japanese descent. There is not much information about her mother’s background but look at the sweet photo between Mina and her mother.


She absolutely really cares about her daughter’s career in South Korea. On some occasions, her mother gathers with other TWICE family members, and she supports and shows love for Mina all the way!

TWICE’s Mina’s Father: a Top Surgeon at Osaka University Hospital


Mina’s father is Akira Myoui. He is an excellent surgeon at Osaka University Hospital. This hospital has impressive and modern facilities in Japan. Her father even became a speaker at Monash University at a medical conference.


Mina’s father, Akira Myoui, graduated from Osaka University Medical School, Suita, Japan, in 1986 and succeed to get his Ph.D. in 1993. He has a remarkable career. Within one year, he was appointed as an assistant professor in the Department of Orthopedics. Later on, her father worked as a clinical professor in the Medical Center for Translation Research (MTR) within only 12 years. He became the vice director of MTR in 2017.

He got many achievements like the Economy, Trade, and Industry Minister’s Prize in 2015, becoming a board member of the ARO council, and becoming the managing editor of Journal of Artificial Organs and Japanese Society for Biomaterials. Cool, right?

Mina Is the Real Princess of a Rich Family


Regarding her rich family, it is not only a rumor. Mina was born in San Antonio, Texas, then moved to Japan at a young age. Besides, she graduated from Obayashi Sacred Heart School, one of the reputable schools in Japan. Before joining as a trainee in JYP Entertainment, she practiced ballet and gained a good education.

Based on her family background, Mina’s family certainly has a stable and rich income. From her father alone with an impressive career as a professor, Mina got supported in her talent and education.

Long before knowing about her family background, Mina always looked like a real princess after all with her elegant personality. However, it became more real after knowing about her father’s background. Do you agree?

That’s all about TWICE’s Mina’s brother, father, and mother. Which one do you like the most? Post your comments and share them on Twitter, too. Keep supporting and send a positive message to Mina!