TWICE’s Mina’s Boyfriend Facts and Rumors Here!

twice mina boyfriend

Find Out Who Might Be Falling in Love With TWICE’s Mina!

Before debuting with TWICE, Mina was originally from Japan. She joined the SIXTEEN survival program and debuted with TWICE in 2015. Mina’s elegant beauty and personality surely have enchanted people. And, it even makes them wonder if she has a boyfriend or not. After all the popularity Mina has made, a dating rumor is one of the topics that makes people curious.

However, up to this day, Mina has never confirmed a dating rumor that was linked to her.

Let’s find out the details about Mina’s rumored boyfriend, ideal type, and male idols that probably like her in this Channel-Korea article! Stay tuned!

TWICE’s Mina Never Revealed Her Boyfriend

twice mina boyfriend

TWICE’s Mina is considered single since there is no official confirmation about her relationship yet. Having a boyfriend or dating rumors among idols are things that draw attention from fans and K-pop fans. As for Mina, JYP Entertainment never confirmed any news about any dating scandal involving her. Mina herself has not yet revealed anything, but there’s a rumor about the possibility of a boyfriend.

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TWICE’s Mina’s Dating Rumor With GOT7’s BamBam

twice mina boyfriend

Around March 2017, Mina was rumored to have a relationship with GOT7’s Bambam who was also under JYP Entertainment at that time. It started because their picture together went viral on community sites.

After the photo went viral, many speculated about whether the photo was photoshopped because it is similar to the picture of Bambam in GOT7’s “Never Ever” teasers from February 10, 2017. Bambam was wearing a similar jacket, hairstyle, contact lenses, and make-up as in the photo. On the other hand, on the same date, TWICE did a live stream where Mina is also wearing a similar white sweater and the same nail art as in the photo of them together.

Based on the picture, Mina and Bambam look comfortable taking pictures side by side with a cat filter. People assumed they might have a relationship, but JYP Entertainment informed them that they are only friends and coworkers. The company also confirmed that the photo itself is really not a fake one. However, Mina and Bambam are just friends and are not more than that. Moreover, JYP Entertainment stated that, if necessary, they will create a lawsuit if somebody wants to ruin their image as artists.

Yet, after the clarification from the company, some fans still assume that Mina and Bambam might have a special relationship.

What Kind of Guy Does TWICE’s Mina Like?

twice mina boyfriend

Mina’s ideal type is someone who has leadership and is polite, kind, and lively. She wants to have a guy that can make a decision without any hesitation. Mina also expressed that the man that she desires to date may help her in making a decision. It looks like she prefers someone who is wise and mature.

Male Idols Who Might Be Fans of TWICE’s Mina

twice mina boyfriend

On one occasion, BTS Jimin glanced at Mina. Look at his eyes looking toward her in this picture. Is it only coincidence or something else?

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