TWICE’s Mina’s Mental Health: Anxiety Attack, Agency Response, and Hiatus

twice mina anxiety health issue

TWICE’s Mina: Between the Fame and the Anxiety

Have you heard the news about the anxiety attack of TWICE’s Mina? The shocking news has surprised the fans, and they all worried about her condition. Some of them even questioned the cause of her anxiety. Are you curious as well? In this article, Channel Korea will tell you everything about that, so keep on reading!

TWICE’s Mina Suffers From Anxiety

twice mina anxiety health issue

TWICE is one of the biggest girl groups in South Korea under JYP Entertainment. Due to their fame, the group could expand its popularity overseas. The 9 members have a bunch of sweetness and charming talent. No wonder many K-pop fans have fallen for TWICE.

One of the members named Mina is doing very well ever since her debut with the group. As a Japanese, she adapted to her new life and career in South Korea, then successfully got much love from the fans. However, despite the fame and praise, Mina once got into an uneasy situation.

twice mina anxiety health issue

There was news about TWICE’s Mina suffering from anxiety which made the fans concerned about her mental health condition. Due to her condition at that time, she went on a hiatus for a while. Her fellow group mates also respected the decision and always supported her whenever she went down.

JYP Entertainment’s Statement

twice mina anxiety health issue

JYP Entertainment also gave an official statement regarding Mina’s condition. The agency explained that Mina was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, and previously she would get sudden anxiety and insecurity problems while performing on stage.

“We inform you with an additional update about Mina’s health condition. After receiving various examinations from medical experts, we have confirmed that Mina’s current mental health condition can be identified as an anxiety disorder.”

twice mina anxiety health issue

Furthermore, they also ask the fans’ understanding since Mina’s participation in the group’s activities would be limited and selective. The agency also assured the fans that they would do their best to take care of Mina and her health condition. Due to her anxiety attack, Mina was absent from some of the range of TWICELIGHTS world tour.

How TWICE’s Members Responded About Mina’s Anxiety Disorder

twice mina anxiety health issue

Thankfully, Mina is surrounded by a supportive agency and loveable groupmates. Even during her hiatus, her fellow members still encouraged and supported her while waiting for TWICE’s Mina to return to the group’s activities.

TWICE’s members once explained that while promoting their single “Feel Special,” Nayeon said since they were getting much love from the fans that they would have to try to meet the fans’ expectations. It has mentally given TWICE’s members a very hard time.

The leader Jihyo also explained that the detailed example of meeting the fans’ expectations was shown since one of their groupmates, Mina, has taken a rest since she was struggling.

twice mina anxiety health issue

Then, Nayeon added that all of the members felt the same anxiety as Mina did. Dahyun said that both physical and mental health were the most important things that every member should take care of.

Every human can suffer from many symptoms of mental health, just like how TWICE’s Mina has. As fans, we must support her and assure her that everything will be alright, and she has done great. What do you think about TWICE’s Mina as one of the rising K-pop idols? Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media or with your ONCE friend!