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Twice members’ ideal types of boyfriends

TWICE members

Some members of TWICE have published their relationship with other idols. However, as has been posted in the media, Jihyo who dated Kang Daniel since 2019 announced that they had to break up due to their mutually busy schedules. So, are you curious about the rest of the members’ ideal types of boyfriends? Check these out!

  • Jihyo’s ideal type: Someone who can make her comfortable and show her true self.
  • Nayeon’s ideal type: Someone who is caring and is able to handle technology. Someone trustworthy and can be count on.
  • Jeongyeon’s ideal type: Someone who can make her comfy and amuse her with jokes.
  • Momo’s ideal type: Someone who eats well and loves JokBal (Pig’s feet dish).
  • Sana’s ideal type: Someone who takes care of his parents well but works hard in his career and is a professional.
  • Mina’s ideal type: Someone who is kind, well-mannered, and playful; someone who can lead me; someone decisive.
  • Dahyun’s ideal type: Someone who is dependable, acts nice to his parents, and loves her.
  • Chaeyoung’s ideal type: Someone who is able to take care of her, loves her, and has a good style.
  • Tzuyu’s ideal type: Someone who understands the importance of filial piety; someone who loves her more, likes puppies, eats well, and dares to make the first approach.

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Twice members roles and positions

Twice which has performed for approximately five years, has nine members. For some people it may confuse them regarding the role and position of each member, yet for ONCE, this issue probably has been stored in their memory. So, what are you waiting for, let’s check out the roles and positions of TWICE members!

  • Jihyo: Leader, main vocalist
  • Nayeon:  Lead vocalist, lead dancer, center
  • Jeongyeon: Lead vocalist
  • Momo: Main dancer, sub-vocalist, sub-rapper
  • Sana: Sub-vocalist
  • Mina: Main dancer, sub-vocalist
  • Dahyun: Lead rapper, sub-vocalist
  • Chaeyoung: Main rapper, sub-vocalist
  • Tzuyu: Lead dancer, sub-vocalist, visual maknae

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TWICE’s Discography

Do you still wonder about TWICE’s skills in the music industry? Well, within five years of performing, TWICE not only have become the leading girl group in South Korea but have also made history as the first K-pop girl group to have a Japanese Dome tour. In addition to this, TWICE has released 9 albums, 11 singles, and 41 videos. Find the details of their albums in the TWICE discography listed below.

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The Story Begins – Korea, October 20th, 2015

twice - the story begins

Page Two – Korea, April 25th, 2016

twice page two

Twicecoaster: Lane 1 – Korea, October 24th, 2016

twicecoaster lane 1

Twicecoaster: Lane 2 – Korea, February 20th, 2017

twicecoaster lane 2

Signal – Korea, May 15th, 2017

twice signal

#Twice – Japan, June 28th, 2017


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Having beautiful faces, amusing choreography, chocolate-to-ear songs, and colorful personalities are some supporting factors that bring TWICE to be the new heat of K-pop in these past five years. Yet, what are idols without their fans? So, besides having a great career, TWICE have also been proven to nurture and love their fans ONCE very well. And finally, if TWICE has touched your heart, then who is your TWICE bias? Don’t hesitate to kindly leave a comment below and let all ONCE unite!