Who Is the Most Popular Member of TWICE? Find Out the Members’ Popularity Rankings Here!


About TWICE’s Members: Individual Popularity and Personal Charms

Do you know about TWICE, the girl group that consists of 9 goddesses? Ever since their debut, TWICE successfully gained popularity due to their music, concepts, and visuals. However, each of TWICE’s members also has their rankings in different countries. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you TWICE’s member rankings, so stay tuned!

TWICE’s Member Popularity All over the World


TWICE is a girl group under JYP Entertainment that debuted on October 20, 2015, with the single “Cheer Up.” The members are Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. Despite the group’s huge popularity, do you know that every TWICE member is also famous in their own way?

Since the group spread their wings outside of South Korea as well, it’s such a piece of cake for TWICE to be recognized with global popularity, even overseas! It is also proven through a bunch of achievements that TWICE has been accepted, and they manage to hold world tours as well. Let’s start to know TWICE’s member popularity rankings here:


twice's tzuyu

Tzuyu is known as the visual, maknae, vocalist, and lead dancer of TWICE. For international popularity, Tzuyu is well-known as the most popular member! Aside from that, Tzuyu also got the highest vote for The Best Maknae Members in K-Pop, The Best Female Visuals in K-Pop, and The Best Visuals in K-Pop Right Now. In 2019, Tzuyu was ranked #2 as the most popular idol among military men in South Korea.


twice's sana

Every ONCE (TWICE’s fandom) must have agreed that Sana is such an attractive and charming member, which led her to gain a lot of attention! She is included in TWICE’s vocal and dance lines since her skills are without doubt. Moreover, Sana also got the vote as The Most Influential People of All Time! Sana is very famous in South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and India since she occupies the top 3 rankings!


twice's mina

Mina has a lot of charms which make her fans very loyal towards her. As a Japanese-American member of TWICE, her appearance is very attractive and she was already popular during her training period.

For international popularity, Mina has the most fans in Japan, Vietnam, India, and she even got the first rank as the most popular TWICE member in the United Kingdom! According to the fans’ online forum, Mina’s popularity has grown the most among TWICE’s members.


twice's nayeon

The adorable Nayeon must have amazed people with her cuteness! She is also in charge of the lead dancer, lead vocalist, and center positions in TWICE. Nayeon has the most fans in different countries such as South Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Even Nayeon got the 2nd rank as the most popular TWICE member in South Korea! To solidify her fame even more, Nayeon was given the title of The Best K-Pop Singers of All Time and The Best Female Center in K-Pop!


twice's dahyun

Dahyun is a mixture of innocence and elegance visually, but she is also cheerful at the same time. Dahyun might not be the most popular in general, but she is very popular among South Korean ONCEs since they have chosen her as their bias!

When it comes to international fame, Dahyun’s fans are mostly based in the Philippines and United States. One of her charming points is the rapping skill which also made her get the highest vote as The Best Female Rappers in K-Pop!


twice's momo

Is Momo your bias in TWICE? If she is, then you must agree that Momo is one of The Best Non-Korean K-Pop Idols since she is a Japanese member! According to some sources, Momo is believed as the most referenced member in TWICE, especially in South Korea. Meanwhile, Momo also raised her fame in Japan, France, the United Kingdom, India, and the United States! It seems like everyone has some love for her, right?


twice's jihyo

Do you know that TWICE’s Jihyo is the member who is very popular overseas the most? It’s proven already since the United States, India, the United Kingdom, France, and Indonesia are the countries where Jihyo entered the top 3 or top 5 individual rankings! Jihyo also has such an outstanding vocal skill and somehow has Western beauty vibes in her visual which most likely makes her international fame very obvious.


twice's jeongyeon

Jeongyeon has the vibes of a girl crush which made her very popular among TWICE’s female fans! Jeongyeon might be as well-known as other members, but her fame started to increase even more in 2019. As the lead vocalist in the group, her voice is beyond amazing, and her performances on stage look incredible! Despite being considered an underrated member, Jeongyeon has her loyal fans who support her endlessly!


twice's chaeyoung

TWICE’s Chaeyoung has the most fans based in the United States, and she even got in the top 5 rankings as well! Even though some people say that she is one of the least popular TWICE members, Chaeyoung started to gain recognition from fans as time went by, especially with her talent as TWICE’s main rapper! No wonder Chaeyoung ranks at 9 of 29 on The Best Female K-Pop Rappers of All  Time!

The 3 Members of TWICE with the Biggest Individual Popularity!


TWICE‘s members are equally popular in general, but the fans also have a special room for these 3 members in their heart, Tzuyu, Sana, and Nayeon, since they are the most well-known among ONCEs! Through the online fansite, the fans gave various comments about Tzuyu, Nayeon, and Sana’s popularity with the statements below:

“I think according to their (TWICE) popularity, it would be Nayeon, Sana, and Tzuyu.”

“Boys like Nayeon and Tzuyu.”

“I’d say Sana is the most popular TWICE’s member among men.”

“I talk too much about Nayeon, everyone around me knows who she is.”

tzuyu, sana, and nayeon of TWICE

Well, do you also think that Nayeon, Tzuyu, and Sana have the most attention among TWICE’s members?

That is everything about TWICE’s popularity rankings! ONCEs all over the world have their rating, and it doesn’t matter who is the most famous since all of TWICE’s members are loveable! So, who’s your favorite member of TWICE? Write your comment down below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!