Let’s Take a Peek at TWICE’s Stunning Leader, Jihyo: Profile, Pre-Debut, Ideal Type, and Net Worth!

TWICE Jihyo profile

All About the Stunning Leader of TWICE, Jihyo!

Jihyo is a member of TWICE as well as the leader of TWICE. She is one of the TWICE members who had a career struggle that inspires many people. Jihyo underwent a fairly long trainee period among the TWICE members even though she had also debuted as a child actor. Apart from her career journey, all people also like her because of Jihyo’s diet and weight loss story, visuals, powerful vocals, and more.

Are you curious about Jihyo? Don’t worry. Through this article, Channel-Korea will give you all of the information about TWICE’s Jihyo from her profile to her ideal type and net worth. So, keep on reading!

TWICE’s Jihyo’s Profile

TWICE Jihyo profile

Name: Park Jihyo (박지효)

Stage name: Jihyo (지효)

Birthday: February 1, 1997

Birthplace: Guri, Gyeongg-do, South Korea

Height: 160 cm (5’3″) // 162 cm (official height)

Weight: 49 kg (real weight) // 53 kg (official height)

Years active: 2015

Group: TWICE

Agency: JYP Entertainment

Occupation(s): Singer

Blood type: O

Zodiac: Aquarius

Chinese zodiac: Rat


TWICE’s Jihyo’s Facts

TWICE Jihyo facts 2021
  • Jihyo has two younger sisters who were born in 2008 and 2002 named Jiyoung and Seoyeon.
  • She studied at Apgujeong High School and was schoolmates with KARD’s Jiwoo.
  • Her skin looks exotic, and Jeongyeon and Nayeon thought that she was Indian.
  • Because of her big eyes, she has the nickname Hyo-mas (Thomas the Train).
  • She will go to karaoke if she feels stressed.
  • Jihyo loves smoothies, but she has an allergy to pineapple because her throat could become itchy.
  • Jihyo has powerful and natural loud vocals; she also often does duets with several K-pop idols on various music programs. For example, on Music Bank, she did a collaboration with NCT’s Doyoung and sang “All For You.”
  • Jihyo trained for 10 years.
  • She is a softhearted person, strong, and a good leader.
  • Cycling, watching dramas, and reading Webtoons are her hobbies.
  • She is very sporty and has an ideal body because she goes to the gym regularly.
  • In 2017, she underwent Lasik surgery.
  • Jihyo’s family is very kind and warmly welcomed the members, and she and her family took Tzuyu to camp before their debut.
  • When Jeongyeon went on hiatus to recover, her family also took Jeongyeon to camp.
  • Jihyo was involved in some scandals such as the dating scandal with Kang Daniel, Native Indian costume, etc. Check this out to know more about TWICE’s members’ scandals.
  • TWICE’s Jihyo’s English name is Aubrey.
  • TWICE’s members do their diet differently, but Jihyo chooses to only eat one meal a day for her diet.

TWICE’s Jihyo’s Ideal Type and Boyfriend

Jihyo twice ideal type

Everybody agrees that Jihyo has a beautiful face and body goals. Her personality also makes everyone have a crush on her. She’s really strong, kind, has a perfect visual, and is very stunning. So, no wonder everyone wants Jihyo to be their girlfriend.

Besides those things, Jihyo also has her own ideal type for her dream boyfriend. In 2016, more precisely when TWICE went on SBS’ Choi Hwajung’s Power Times, all TWICE members were asked about their ideal types. In that interview, Jihyo revealed that she likes a man who she can rely on. Also, she mentioned actor Jinwoong who played in the drama Signal was very close to her ideal type.

Generally, she likes someone who shows his true self and someone who makes her feel comfortable. So far, she has never been rumored to be dating any actors or idols besides Kang Daniel.

TWICE’s Jihyo and Kang Daniel’s Relationship

Jihyo twice ideal type

Jihyo is the first TWICE member who was caught dating Kang Daniel by Dispatch in August 2019. Jihyo and Daniel met for the first time because Kang Daniel asked for ex-2AM’s Seulong‘s help in 2018. They were reported to be dating by Dispatch in 2019, but Jihyo and Kang Daniel have been dating since early 2019.

After 1 year and 3 months of dating, suddenly, on November 10, 2020, Dispatch reported that they broke up due to their mutually busy schedules to focus on their work.

TWICE’s Jihyo’s Pre-Debut Era

Jihyo twice and nayeon predebut

Jihyo started her career by joining JYP Entertainment on July 15, 2005, as a trainee. Jihyo joined JYP Entertainment when she was in 3rd grade. Previously, she participated in a contest named Junior Naver for a child role and won 2nd place. Since her childhood, TWICE’s Jihyo was really pretty! Here are Jihyo’s childhood photos.

TWICE jihyo predebut
TWICE jihyo predebut
TWICE jihyo predebut

Little Jihyo also appeared in a Korean Magazine!

TWICE jihyo predebut

2PM, Miss A, Got7, 2AM, WG, and almost every JYP Entertainment trainee knows her because her trainee period was the longest.

JIhyo twice pre debut

TWICE’s Jihyo Joined SIXTEEN

JIhyo twice sixteen

From May 5 to July 7, 2015, Jihyo participated in a JYP survival show named SIXTEEN. Jihyo managed to enter into the 9-member lineup and debuted with TWICE on October 20, 2015. The survival show was not only looking for girls who were talented in singing, rapping, or dancing. They must also have unique characteristics, a good personality, and charisma. Jihyo matched those requirements and managed to become the leader of TWICE.

When she became a contestant, TWICE’s Jihyo was still fat and had chubby cheeks. She was depressed because she always failed to debut. She was planned to debut in a girl group named 6MIX alongside Nayeon, Jeongyeon, and Minyoung.

In fact, Jihyo always received bad comments because her body wasn’t ideal. Besides that, Jihyo always shows good performances, like the video below!

TWICE’s Jihyo’s Net Worth

Twice Jihyo net worth

TWICE is one of the K-pop groups that entered the list of K-pop groups with fantastic wealth. Currently, TWICE has a net worth of $35 million. Most girl group members have an individual net worth of $1 to $1.5 million. TWICE’s Jihyo has a net worth of $1.5 million. Her wealth still can’t exceed Sana and Tzuyu who have net worths of $3 million and $2 million.

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