Did TWICE’s Jihyo Have Plastic Surgery? Check Out Her Past and Current Visual Appearances Here!

TWICE's Jihyo

Is TWICE’s Jihyo’s Beauty Natural or Artificial?

You guys must be familiar with the girl group TWICE, right? They consist of 9 members that look as flawless as a bunch of goddesses. The leader of TWICE, Jihyo, has gained a lot of attention, especially due to her visuals. But, did she really undergo plastic surgery? Channel Korea will explain everything to you through this article, so stay tuned!

TWICE’s Jihyo and the Plastic Surgery Rumor

TWICE's Jihyo

The K-pop music industry has been expanded to another level. As you can see, many newborn K-pop groups have appeared and shown off their talented sides. But, still, the old K-pop groups have remained popular, just like JYP Entertainment‘s girl group TWICE that debuted in 2015.

TWICE has such a charming leader named Jihyo. Not only skilled in leadership, singing, and dancing, but many fans have praised her visual. She has that kind of natural and pure beauty that can make every woman jealous of her charm.

TWICE's Jihyo

However, it also leads to speculation that Jihyo might be undergoing plastic surgery. Some people believe that her flawless face is a part of plastic surgery, but some others think that Jihyo’s natural charms have been there ever since her childhood and can be seen in leaked pictures of her pre-debut era. For further explanation, let’s take a look at Jihyo’s pre-debut appearances.

TWICE’s Jihyo Pre-Debut Appearance

TWICE's Jihyo predebut

Despite the plastic surgery rumor that involves TWICE’s Jihyo, people should take a look at her pre-debut appearances. Ever since a long time ago, she already looked attractive and gorgeous in her way.

TWICE's Jihyo pre-debut
TWICE's Jihyo pre-debut

Something that made her appearance look different was her weight back then. Jihyo used to have chubby cheeks and a healthy-looking body, but other features like her eyes, her nose, and her lips look quite the same as now.

TWICE's Jihyo pre-debut

If currently Jihyo’s nose and jaw are pointier than before, that is mainly because of her weight. Since she has lost some weight, her facial features are even more emphasized and sharper than before. Don’t you guys think so?

Fan Reactions About TWICE’s Jihyo’s Pre-Debut and Current Appearances

TWICE's Jihyo

As supportive as they can be, ONCEs (TWICE’s official fandom name) believe that Jihyo’s facial features and her beauty is pure and has nothing to do with any kind of plastic surgery.

Jihyo has had natural double eyelids since her childhood, a tiny nose and lips, and even natural eyebrows as well. Here is what they say about TWICE’s Jihyo’s appearance:

“I admire her for her beauty inside and out before, and now I love her as long as she is happy with herself.”

“JYP Entertainment announced it is true TWICE Park Ji-hyo is a god with a beautiful heart and visual.”

“Our wonderful leader and her wonderful visual.”



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