TWICE’s Jihyo Being Called Fat?! Find Out More about Her Body Shaming Cases Here!

twice's jihyo

TWICE’s Jihyo: Between the Fame and Beauty Standards

Despite the glamorous side of the K-pop music industry, there is also a toxic side that is suffocating to the people involved with the unattainable beauty standards, intense competition, and body shaming. Speaking of that, do you know that TWICE’s Jihyo used to experience body shaming in the past? Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you about that, so stay tuned!

TWICE’s Jihyo’s Body-Shaming Issue

twice's jihyo

Have you ever heard of “Korean Beauty Standards?” In South Korea, it has been one of the most popular and influencing features of Korean culture. Commonly, Korean society will have a sight of some features to determine the definition of beauty which includes a slim figure, small face, flawless skin, double eyelids, and large eyes. Whether they are celebrities or non-celebrities, the standards apply to all of them.

For K-pop idols like Jihyo from the JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE, she has to appear as gorgeous as the Korean Beauty Standards and struggle a lot to achieve it. Before her debut as the leader of TWICE, Jihyo was fat shamed publicly when she participated as a SIXTEEN contestant. Find out more details about that below.

How She Directly Got Shamed on MBC’s Mask King

twice jihyo body shaming case

In 2016, Jihyo once appeared in MBC’s Mask King show where she appeared to sing with a mask covering her face. Instead of getting praises or opinions about her singing performance, Jihyo received malicious comments about her body appearance from the panelists.

twice's jihyo on 'mask king'

They said, “She looks like a mother with a child,” “Her trapezius muscle stands out,” as well as “These days, idols strive to take care of their figures, but it seems like she has a turtle neck syndrome.” Later on, it was revealed that the singer with a mask was TWICE’s Jihyo.

twice's jihyo on 'mask king'

After the show broadcasted, the fans got furious and gave criticism on how Mask King‘s cast members treat other people. They agreed that Mask King should not focus on people’s bodies and should emphasize their voice instead. A lot of people also felt uncomfortable after seeing them harass people’s bodies on a live show.

Netizens’ Response and Statement

twice's jihyo on 'king mask'

The viewers as well as TWICE’s fans shared their protests due to the rude comments on the show. Read the various comments below:

“It seems they are focusing more on the person’s body than their voice.”

“They sing while wearing a mask to avoid discrimination, so why do you always try to guess the age through the external factors?”

“Isn’t this program to find talented singers by listening to their voice without looking at their looks?”

twice's jihyo on 'mask king'

Noh Si-yong, the producer of Mask King, released a statement regarding the criticism. “Seeing on how they have to guess the singer’s identity through limited information because the face is covered by a mask, this happened while they were trying to make deductions through the outside appearances. However, we should keep in mind that the viewers might be uncomfortable with that.”

Furthermore, “All of the production crew and staff will be careful to prevent the same situation from happening as we work for the show.”

TWICE’s Jihyo Being Called “Fat” in Sixteen

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Long before Jihyo’s debut with TWICE, she participated as a contestant on SIXTEEN to pursue her dream. Not only experiencing a lot of new challenges, but she also faced a body-shaming case. How did it happen? At that time, Jihyo and other contestants filmed a photoshoot together. There was a photographer who checked the results and exclaimed, “Jihyo, you look fat,” which made all of the people there surprised!

twice jihyo body shaming

TWICE’s Jihyo’s Weight Loss Journey

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Just like what they say, “The best revenge is to look good,” and that’s how TWICE’s Jihyo broke the opinions about her body’s appearance! Jihyo decided to go on a structured diet as well as work out regularly to lose some weight. After a long journey, the fans and other people were surprised with the results and praised her effort as well!

Jihyo once said that JYP Entertainment had a nutritionist who helped her make a diet plan such as eating with tiny portions 3 times a day, consuming 1000 calories only a day, and intermittent fasting. She also started to work out continuously to balance her diet. One of her exercise tips, Jihyo did a plank for 1 minute and moved her hips to each side 30 times to effectively remove the belly fat.

Check Out TWICE’s Jihyo’s Before and After Her Diet Here!

twice jihyo weight loss

Let’s take a look at TWICE’s Jihyo’s amazing body transformation here:

twice's jihyo

Jihyo’s successful diet allows her to be more confident in her looks which should be appreciated, right?

twice's jihyo's diet transformation

The weight loss from her journey somehow also made Jihyo’s appearance more mature in a good way!

twice's jihyo's diet transformation

No more chubby cheeks, Jihyo is currently showing off her beautiful V-shape in her visual features!

That is everything about TWICE’s Jihyo’s fat-shaming issues and how she managed to prove that she could be much better! She has an amazing weight loss journey which made her appearance, even more, stand out! Do you also want to try the diet plan from TWICE’s Jihyo? Write your comment below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!