TWICE’s Jeongyeon Weight Gain, How Did It Happen?

twice's jeongyeon weight gain

TWICE’s Jeongyeon Gained Some Weight After Hiatus

JYP Entertainment‘s girl group TWICE always finds a new way to attract people. Consisting of 9 members who look like a couple of goddesses, they are always beyond your expectation. However, one of their members, Jeongyeon, has surprised fans with her shocking weight gain.

Jeongyeon took a hiatus due to a neck injury and came back with a weight gain in August 2021. A reporter said from his YouTube channel that Jeongyeon’s medications have side effects including swelling and cravings. Even so, Jeongyeon promises that she will return with a brighter and more beautiful image to fans.

Through this article, Channel Korea will explain the details about Jeongyeon’s weight gain, so stay tuned!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s Weight Gain Caused by Medication Side Effects Due to Neck Injury

jeongyeon weight gain

On his YouTube channel, a reporter reveals the truth behind Jeongyeon’s weight gain which is caused by medication effects. As we all know, Jeongyeon took hiatus because of a neck injury in 2020.

During that time, Jeongyeon got herniated disc surgery. On the other hand, Jeongyeon also took medication for recovery that had side effects that increased her appetite and swelling limb.

So, it is very normal for Jeongyeon to gain some weight, especially if the reason is for her health. Let’s wish for Jeongyeon’s health in the future!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s Shocking Weight Gain at 30th Seoul Music Awards

twice jeongyeon weight gain seoul music awwards

Jeongyeon has surprised fans due to her weight gain when she appeared at the 30th Seoul Music Awards. People started to know that Jeongyeon gained some weight after taking hiatus for a while.

It also made fans worry about her, wondering whether she has a health concern or something like that.

twice jeongyeon weight gain

Some people commented that she need to lose some weight before returning to participate in TWICE activities, but many fans believed that her weight gain was caused by her meditation since Jeongyeon used to have a mental health problem and needed some rest.

Despite the controversy and various comments about her appearance, other TWICE members seemed very happy to be working again alongside Jeongyeon after her hiatus. Jeongyeon’s expression also felt the same way as them!

Fan Reactions About Her Weight Gain

twice jeongyeon weight gain

There are various comments regarding TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s gain weight just like these:

“At least she [TWICE’s Jeongyeon] should try to lose some weight before coming back.”

“Whether Jeongyeon is fat or thin, we get to see her standing on the stage and performing with TWICE.”

“It’s completely normal to gain some weight. Jeongyeon looks so real, so stunning.”

“It’s okay if you gain weight as long as you’re happy and healthy!”

“It’s alright to gain weight, Jeonghyeon Unnie. You are a human too!”

TWICE’s Jeongyeon Said That She Hopes to Come Back With a Beautiful Image

twice jeongyeon weight gain

As professional as she is, Jeongyeon has proven that she could come back to participate in various TWICE schedules with a beautiful and decent image. After the controversy of her weight gain, Jeongyeon eventually returned to her slim body after losing almost 8 kilograms!

Even though people were praising her appearance after gaining some weight, many fans were also worried about her health. During the stage performance, they noticed that Jeongyeon looked quite tired and seemed a little bit uncomfortable as if she was in pain.

twice jeongyeon weight gain

However, Jeongyeon revealed that she hopes to return with a brighter and more beautiful image for fans. Many people started cheering for her and saying that Jeongyeon should be more focused on her health instead of staying in a slim body to please people.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s Before and After Gaining Some Weight

twice jeongyeon weight gain

Let’s take a look at the compilation of TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s appearance before and after gaining weight here.


Before Jeongyeon gained some weight, fans already knew that she has a petite body. She had a v-shaped jaw, an s-line body shape, and skinny legs. Jeongyeon also had even more energy while performing on stage as well.

twice jeongyeon weight gain
twice jeongyeon weight gain
twice jeongyeon weight gain


After a long hiatus, Jeongyeon came back with something different. She looked as beautiful as ever, but her body looked different than usual. Her cheeks looked chubbier, and many people noticed that she no longer had slim legs during her appearance at the 30th Seoul Music Awards.

twice jeongyeon weight gain
twice jeongyeon weight gain
twice jeongyeon weight gain

It doesn’t matter if TWICE’s Jeongyeon has a slim or chubby body appearance, as loyal fans, we should support her and prioritize her health first! As a K-pop idol, Jeongyeon also doesn’t want to disappoint fans, and that’s why she hopes to come back with a brighter image.

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