Check Out Some Sweet Moments between the Two Sisters TWICE’s Jeongyeon and Actress Gong Seung-yeon!

jeongyeon gong seung yeon moments

#SisterGoals Moments between Gong Seung-yeon and TWICE’s Jeongyeon

In the Korean entertainment world, there are several siblings who have both careers and are popular as artists. You might have heard of a few such as the Jung Sisters or Sandara Park and ​​Thunder. In the 3rd generation of K-pop, the idol-actress siblings are represented by TWICE‘s member Jeongyeon and Gong Seung-yeon, a rising actress. The two are only three years apart with Seung-yeon being born on February 27, 1993, and Jeongyeon on November 1, 1996. The close age gap between the two makes them bond with each other.

If you are surprised that the two are related, that’s because Seung-yeon changed her surname from Yoo to Gong. Still, the two are real siblings proven by their sister bond in the sweet moments below!


Gong Seung-yeon and Jeongyeon Celebrate a Birthday Together

jeongyeon gong seung yeon moments

There are no sisterhood moments without celebrating a birthday together. On November 1, 2020, Jeongyeon celebrated her 24th (international age) or 25th (Korean age) birthday. Not only was she surrounded by love from fans and TWICE’s members, but she also got a special love from her sister.

Gong Seung-yeon faithfully accompanied Jeongyeon for her birthday celebration. Shortly after midnight KST, Gong Seung-yeon logged into her Instagram to post a cute video clip of Jeongyeon. In the video, Jeongyeon is seen blowing out the candles on her cake while wearing a festive birthday hat.

jeongyeon gong seung yeon moments

“Happy Birthday to our youngest sister! Let’s be happy,” Gong Seung-yeon wrote in the caption.

What a cute sister-y thing to do!


Gong Seung-yeon and Jeongyeon Tease Each Other

jeongyeon gong seung yeon moments

As we all know, siblings do tease each other. In fact, it is one of the signs that they are close to each other. And, since Jeongyeon and Seungyeon are close in age, the two rarely exchange playful banter.

In 2020, TWICE released an album titled More & More. To promote the album, Jeongyeon and the other members attended Choi Hwa-jung‘s Power Time to share many interesting things about their activities as well as personal lives.

Of all the stories, Jeongyeon’s explanation of her relationship with her older sister received special attention. In the show, she said that whenever she shares pretty photos with her sister, Seung-yeon doesn’t have anything nice to say.

“I sent a good photo of me from the photoshoot to my sister and she replied telling me to stop lying. She said this is a fraud and said that this is not me and to stop playing jokes,” said Jeongyeon.

jeongyeon gong seung yeon moments

Prior to this confession, Gong Seung-yeon also shared a photo of her younger sister and added the cruel caption, “Wow who are you? I wish you were my little sister.”

In response to Jeongyeon’s story, Choi Hwa-jung joked, “If you were Jeongyeon’s older sister, you could definitely say that.”

Fans apparently consider Jeongyeon and Seung-yeon’s relationship to be very adorable like siblings in general.

“I feel like she will be joking about Jeongyeon’s new photo,” commented a fan. “They can joke about it because they are both very beautiful,” added another fan. “They are adorable,” concluded another.

They are also seen teasing each other relentlessly during their appearance on KBS’ We Are Siblings (2016).


Gong Seung-yeon and Jeongyeon Support Each Other

jeongyeon gong seung yeon moments

Despite their playful banters, the two siblings still show their sweet moments by supporting each other in their endeavors. Even when Jeongyeon was still a trainee and appeared on Mnet’s Sixteen (2015), Seung-yeon made an appearance to support her sister.

And, when they hosted a special episode of SBS’ Inkigayo, Seungyeon also came to the stage to perform “Cheer Up” with all of the members of TWICE.

And, she also posts on her social media whenever TWICE is having a comeback! She did all of that to support her baby sister Jeongyeon.

jeongyeon gong seung yeon moments

And, in return, Jeongyeon also shows relentless support to her beloved sister by sending a coffee truck to the set of Seung-yeon’s film Handsome Guys. This film is also Seung-yeon’s silver screen debut after appearing in various dramas.

Seung-yeon shared the photos through her personal Instagram on November 15, 2020. “The coffee truck that Jeongyeon sent,” she wrote as the caption followed by a green heart emoji.

At the top of the coffee truck, there’s a banner that featured the three siblings (along with Jeongyeon and Seung-yeon’s non-public figure sister). The banner also featured the writing, “Seung-yeon, do your best! Your little sisters are watching.”

Even though they are on different paths in the entertainment industry, the siblings still find ways to support each other.


Gong Seung-yeon and Jeongyeon’s Thoughts on Each Other

jeongyeon gong seung yeon moments

Many people don’t realize but Seung-yeon actually debuted before Jeongyeon. At the time Jeongyeon debuted in TWICE, Seung-yeon already debuted as an actress and starred in small drama roles.

Thus, when first appearing in TWICE’s 2016 debut showcase, Jeongyeon expressed her gratefulness for being linked with her sister. “My older sister’s image and mine are different. She told me that if I just show my image just as it is, I’ll be fine. The good thing about my sister debuting first is that my name rises with hers in search rankings. I think it’s good to have our names connected,” she said.

Fast forward 3 years later, Seung-yeon became a guest in JTBC’s Knowing Bros to promote her drama Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency.

After a few exchanges from the panelist that she is TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s sister, Seung-yeon shared a story about their popularity differences. “During [Mnet survival show] Sixteen, when Jeongyeon was a trainee before her debut, people recognized her. I was wearing full makeup because I just came back from filming, and I even appeared in a drama at the time, but people asked for Jeongyeon’s autograph.”

When asked if she felt hurt, the actress replied, “Instead of feeling sick, I feel proud. My sister is doing a good job, so I also have to work hard.”

Seo Jang-hoon then asked, “Did your parents only acknowledge Jeongyeon’s popularity?” Gong Seung-yeon replied, “At some point, my parents started calling each other ‘Jeongyeon’s mother’ and ‘Jeongyeon’s father.’ When I asked my mom about it, she said that parents are human, too, so they follow public recognition, too.” She then added, “There is also a difference between our income.”

Still, there is not an ounce of jealousy towards her sister. She is a proud sister.

It turns out it is not the only difference between the two sisters. Gong Seung-yeon admits that she has differences when it comes to dressing up or wearing makeup with her younger sister. She once expressed this in an interview with InStyle magazine.

During the photo session, Seungyeon said that she rarely wears makeup in her spare time, unlike her sister Jeongyeon.

“I don’t really wear make-up every day. I usually only wear sunscreen because it feels awkward for me to wear heavy make-up. Only when I need a few touch-ups on some days, I’ll just bring a base, powder, and a product for lips,” said Seungyeon.

The actress also shared how TWICE’s Jeongyeon is the sister who enjoys various beauty products the most.

“Usually, the older ones teach their younger sisters how to dress up, but for us, it’s the opposite. Jeongyeon really likes beauty products. She always carries a big make-up bag wherever she goes,” said Seungyeon. She also said that if he needed cosmetics, usually she will only ask for a little from her sister’s bag

In a different interview with E News, Seung-yeon also shared the difference between her and Jeongyeon’s attitude at home. It turns out that Jeongyeon is actually very spoiled when she is at home.

Unlike the tomboy concept that Jeongyeon has in TWICE, she actually has a lot of aegyo which makes her get more love from her father. Seung-yeon also admitted that her father likes and is closer to her younger sister because she has more aegyo than her.