Get To Know TWICE’s Jeongyeon: Profile, ‘SIXTEEN’, Family, and More

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Get to Know More About the Charismatic Member of TWICE, Yoo Jeong Yeon!

JYP’s third generation girl-group, TWICE, has been one of the global stars this year. Each year, they’ve gained more popularity and recognition from both national and international fans. Especially for this year, after the release of ‘FANCY’, they became more well known by the international fans. This year, TWICE had their first world tour, called ‘TWICELIGHTS’.

The group, that consist 9 members, was also able to attract many new fans by their own charms, and one of those members is Jeong Yeon. Since her pre-debut in ‘Sixteen’, Jeong Yeon had already attracted many fans for her boyish and charismatic look, with her iconic short hair. She also stands out the most because of her model-like body proportion.

So, for today’s topic at Channel-Korea, we will dig up more information about Jeong Yeon from her pre-debut till now. Without any further ado, let’s get into our topic!

Jeong Yeon’s Full Profile and Fun Facts

Full Profile

Birth Name: Used to be Yoo Kyung Wan (유경완), but then she legalized her name as Yoo Jeong Yeon (유정연), instead.
Stage Name: Jeong Yeon (정연)
Birthday: November 1, 1996
Nationality: Korean
Position: Lead Vocalist
Official Height: 169 cm (5’7″)/ Real Height: 169 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
Blood Type: O

Jeong Yeon’s Fun Facts

  • She was born in Su Won province, South Korea.
  • Her previous name was Yoo Kyung Wan, but she changed her name during third grade because she was being teased because her name sounded like a boy’s name.
  • She has two older sisters, named Gong Seung Yeon (an actress) and Seo Yeon (she was an office worker.
  • Once she didn’t pass JYP Audition, but then, on JYP Entertainment’s 6th Open Audition on March 1, 2010, shes passed and finally became a trainee there.
  • Jeong Yeon was accepted both by JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment, but she chooses JYP instead.
  • Her representative color is Yellow Green.
  • The leader of TWICE was decided by anonymous voting, the result was that Jeong Yeon is in the second position.
  • Jeong Yeon likes ddeobeokki, meat, and golbangee muchim. She doesn’t like lotus.
  • She chooses 0 as her favorite number, the reason is that she actually doesn’t have a favorite number.
  • Jeong Yeon’s Ideal Type: ‘Someone who makes me feel comfortable, and someone who is funny so that he can amuse me.”
  • She has a poodle named Nanan.
  • Jeong Yeon appeared in GOT 7’s ‘Girls Girls Girls’ MV and Miss A’s ‘Only You’ MV.
  • Her mother works at a Japanese restaurant owned by her maternal aunt.
  • Jeong Yeon’s father, Yoo Chang Joon, was a private chef for former president Kim Dae Jung. He’s also a head chef at the Seoul Plaza Hotel for more than 20 years, specializing in Korean cuisine.
  • The happiest part of Jeong Yeon’s day is when she takes off her contact lenses.
  • She’s ambidextrous (from Twice Showtime).
  • She initially wanted to be a model.
  • Jeong Yeon has the most confidence about her teeth and her legs.
  • In the dorm, Jeong Yeon is in charge of cleaning up the dorm, since she likes cleaning.
  • She’s also in charge of catching the bugs in the dorm, while Jihyo is the one who’s scared the most by bugs.
  • Jeong Yeon and Momo shared a room at the dorm.
  • In TWICE, she was called ‘Mother’ by the other members (from Amigo TV).
  • Jeong Yeon knows how to play the saxophone (from Star King Ep,441), she also learned how to play a guitar (Weekly Idol).
  • Jeongyeon says that if she was a male, she would date Nayeon because of her cuteness (at Busan fansign).
  • During the Incheon fansign, Jeong Yeon said she would date Mina.
  • She doesn’t use perfume, but she uses body mist instead.
  • Jeong Yeon once said that she would grow out her hair in 2017.
  • She likes to buy ‘convenient’ products (from We Like Zines).
  • Jeong Yeon ranked at 66th place in the TCC Candler ‘The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018’.
  • One of Jeongyeon’s scandals is that Jeongyeon gained weight after her surgery which was caused by a neck injury.
  • Jeongyeon’s English name is Joanna.
  • Jeongyeon will do exercises and eat salad if she’s on diet.

Appears on JYP Entertainment Survival Show ‘Sixteen’

In 2015, JYP Entertainment created a girl-group survival show called ‘Sixteen‘. There were 16 candidates, including Jeong Yeon, who competed with each other, deciding whether they’ll be a part of the group or not. On April 13, 2015, JYP announced the 16 line-up candidates, including their special video introductions.

Here is Jeong Yeon’s Introduction video, and photo press conference of ‘Sixteen’:

For the very first episode, Jeong Yeon showcased her music instrumental skills by playing saxophone, and also her vocal skills by covering Katy Perry’s song ‘Firework’ for the first time in front of Park Jin Young (JYP’s CEO).

Let’s check out her first-ever performances below:

There is also a lovely interaction between Jeong Yeon and the other contestant, Jihyo, who has now became the leader and main vocalist of TWICE. Here is the interaction, cut from ‘Sixteen’ clip:

On the second episode, Jeong-yeon’s sister, Gong Seung Yeon, did a meet-up with her. They talked about so many things during the time; her sister also had a lot of support and advice for Jeong Yeon.

Here are the heartwarming video of the two sisters:

On the third episode of ‘Sixteen’, once again Jeong Yeon was showcasing her vocal skills. But on this episode, the song that she picked was much longer than her first one. JYP was impressed by her vocal on this performance.

In episode 5, the Major A team members, including Jeong Yeon, did a group battle performance. They performed Pharrell William’s song ‘Happy’, showcasing their singing and dancing skills.

Here is Jeong Yeon’s ‘Happy’ performance focus cam:

In episode 6, Jeong Yeon, with Nayeon, Mina, and Chae Ryeong did a performance cover of Lee Hyo Ri’s song ‘U-Go-Girl’:

On the 8th episode, the Major B team members, which were Jeong Yeon, Nayeon, and Tzuyu did a cover performance of Miss A’s song ‘Hush’. Here is their spectacular, yet sexy performance:

In the 10th episode, the minor team did their final stage by performing ‘Me Again’. Here is Jeong yeon’s focus cam performance:

And another amazing final performance:

A moment where Jeong Yeon was chosen by JYP to be moved from the Minor Team to the Major Team:

Debuting with TWICE

After persevering through the long journey with the survival show ‘Sixteen’, Jeong Yeon managed to come out as a winner and became one of the members of Twice, along with the other 8 members. The group made their debut in 2015, with a title track called ‘Like Ohh-Ahh’, which became a huge hit right away.

After her photo teaser were released, many netizens were struck by her beauty. Not only that, they were also impressed by Jeong Yeon’s body proportion for a rookie girl-group member. Let’s check out her photos from the ‘Like Ohh-Ahh’ era and her performance video:


Jeong Yeon’s ‘Like Ohh-Ahh’ Teaser:

Jeong Yeon’s ‘Like Ohh-Ahh’ Special Video:

Jeong Yeon’s Live performances:

In 2016, TWICE make their first comeback ever with their second album. The title track, ‘Cheer Up’, made a huge impact in many countries, especially South Korea. The iconic line ‘Sha Sha Sha’ and the choreography became a trend, and even many idols tried to imitate them. This is also the time where TWICE started to become really popular.

In this era, Jeong Yeon, still with her short hair, get’s more line in the song. Now let’s checkout her photos and performance of ‘Cheer Up’ below!

Photo’s of Jeong Yeon

Jeong Yeon’s ‘Cheer Up’ Focus Performance

In the same year, around ‘Halloween’, TWICE made a comeback with a title track ‘TT’, which means a sad emoji. This song also became a huge hit, especially in South Korea. In this era, Jeong Yeon’s vocal ability was praised by netizens because of how stable it is while performing live on stage.

Now let’s check her amazing photos, tease,r and live performance for the ‘TT’ era!

Photos of Jeong Yeon

Jeong Yeon’s Fancam of TT Live Performance

In 2017, TWICE released the next chapter of their previous album, named ‘Twicecoaster Lane:2’, that was released in the first quarter of the year. With the title track ‘Knock Knock’, they received several trophies in music shows. But, sadly for this comeback, Jeong Yeon got less lines for her singing part.

Jeong Yeon’s Fancam of ‘Knock Knock’ Live Performance