Get To Know TWICE’s Jeongyeon: Profile, ‘SIXTEEN’, Family, and More

Jeong Yeon’s Family Background

twice yoo jungyeon

Jeong Yeon’s father’s name is Yoo Chang Joon. He’s a chef that has been working for more than 20 years at the Plaza Hotel, specializing in Korean cuisine. Her father was also once was a private chef for a former Korean president, Kim Dae Jung. Her mother works at a Japanese restaurant that is owned by her maternal aunt.

twice yoo jungyeon

She has two older sisters. One of them is named Gong Seung Yeon, and is a famous actress that has played in many popular dramas. She also once appeared on Sixteen, in episode 2, to give Jeong Yeon support and her love. Her other sister is named Seo Yeon, and she is an office worker.

Jeong Yeon’s family often come to TWICE concerts to support her. Even if the show’s not in Korea, the family will still watch the concerts overseas!

twice yoo jungyeon
twice yoo jungyeon
twice yoo jungyeon

Jeong Yeon’s Dancing Skills

twice yoo jungyeon

In TWICE, Jeong Yeon’s not only known for her body and great vocal ability, she’s also known for being a great dancer. Even though her moves may not be as sharp as Momo’s, or graceful like Mina’s, she always has a special charm to attract the audience when the group is performing live.

Now let”s check out a compilation showing Jeong Yeon’s dancing ability and stage presence!

Jeong Yeon and Momo Teach ‘Like Ohh-Ahh’ Dance

A compilation of Jeong Yeon Dancing to TWICE Choreography


Here are a few variety shows that Jeong Yeon had participated in before, let’s check the information out below!

  • Sixteen (Survival Show): in 2015 – Aired on Mnet. [Contestant].
  • Muscle King project: in 2016 – Aired at KBS [Contestant].
  • Law of the Jungle: in 2016 – Aired at SBS.
  • Inkigayo: 2016 – 2017 – Aired at SBS [Host with Gong Seung Yeon].


Here ais a brief discography of Jeong Yeon, let’s check out some songs she’s released!

Songwriting Credits

2017: ‘Twicetagram’ album – song ‘Love Line’.

2018: ‘What Is Love?’ album – song ‘Love Talker’ and ‘LaLaLa’ ft. Chaeyeong.

2019: ‘Feel Special’ album – song ’21:29′ ft all TWICE members.

Jeong Yeon’s Latest News

twice yoo jungyeon

Jeong Yeon Opens Up About Her True Self, and What She Has Learned From the Other TWICE Members

Recently, Jeong Yeon was shooting her first solo pictorial with Marie Claire magazine. During the preceding interview, she mentioned she was nervous, and how awkward she felt for not being with the other TWICE members.

When she was asked about the group’s busy schedule, she answered “I think since the members and i started working at the young age, we’re a bit mature than the other people in our age. We’ve met a lot of different people along the way, and that experienced helped me understands the members and others more. I definitely learned how to be considerate after debuting.”

Shes also continued, “Living in the dorm with nine members entails consideration. Everything would fall apart if even one person isn’t considerate, but all our members are so kind and i learned a lot from them. Even thought were doing the same work, i see how a member thinks positively about something in certain ways. Or someone who can think of something that way that i would never have thought of before, i learn things like that while being with the other member.”

twice yoo jungyeon
twice yoo jungyeon

Jeong Yeon also talked honestly about her most natural state, she said, “I don’t know if it was okay to say this, but my appearance when i show up at the salon after washing up my hair and going to bed at the night before is my true self. My appearance with disheveled hair and no makeup is exactly like me.” She added more, “The looks on the faces of the makeup artist when they see me like that.” and laughed.

She further opened up about her personality, saying that she always asks someone for advice before making a decision. She expressed her deepest desire to become more like her fellow member Chae Yeong, because of her decisive and free nature. But when she was asked if she would go to Chae Yeong for advice, she answered humorously:

“Chae Young doesn’t say much about matters that don’t interest her. If i asked her, ‘ I want to do this, what do you think?’ she would just say, ‘Do everything you wanted to do.’ She does everything she wants, which is why she tells me ‘It’s okay, do it all.’ It is important to empathized when giving an advice, i go to all members except for her.” 

twice yoo jungyeon
twice yoo jungyeon
twice yoo jungyeon

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