Get To Know TWICE’s Jeongyeon: Profile, ‘SIXTEEN’, Family, and More

In the second quarter of 2017, around May 15, TWICE made their second comeback with ‘Signal’. Even though they got several negative comments about this comeback, they still won a lot of awards, and the song even got nominated for the MAMA Awards, for Best Female Group Dance.

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Jeong Yeon’s Fancam of ‘Signal’ Live Performance

On October 5th, before their Korean comeback, TWICE released the Japanese song ‘One More Time’. Here are Jeong Yeon’s photos and the MV for you:


One More Time Music Video

In the third quarter of 2017, around October 30, TWICE had another comeback with a song called ‘Likey’, from their album ‘Twicetagram’. In this era, Jeong Yeon began to shine again with her vocal ability. Some of the members also participated in writing the song lyrics and doing the choreography.

Now let’s check out her photos and live performance video:


Jeong Yeon’s ‘Likey’ Video

Jeong Yeon’s Fancam for ‘Likey’ Live Performance

Around January 11, 2018, TWICE make their Japanese comeback, with the track ‘Candy Pop’. With its cute, yet energetic music, with a slight bit of animation scenes, the ‘Candy Pop’ MV became a lot of fun to watch.

Here are Jeong Yeon’s photos, and her anime version for you guys:

Jeong Yeon’s Fancam for ‘Candy Pop’ Live Performance

Another first quarter comeback for TWICE in 2018, on April 9 they performed a brand new song, ‘What Is Love?’ With a film adaptation that they included on the music video, TWICE gained a lot of attention and positive reviews because of it.

Jeong Yeon cross dressed as a male student, which also brought some attention. Netizens discussed how handsome she looked on the music video.

Jeong Yeon’s Fancam for ‘What Is Love?’ Live Performance

On April 24th, TWICE released another Japanese song, ‘Wake Me Up’.


Official Music Video

For the first time, TWICE made a summer comeback with amazing and refreshing music. The song ‘Dance the Night Away’ got many positive responses, both from national and international netizens.

Not only that, in this era Jeong Yeon’s visual caught the attention of so many people. Many of them said that she becomes more beautiful with her grown hair, and also her body that looks a lot like a model’s. Here are some of the photos and live performance:


Jeong Yeon’s Fancom for ‘Dance the Night Away’ Live Performance

On August 16, TWICE released another Japanese song, called ‘BDZ’, which means Bulldozer. This Japan comeback gained more attention from the fans because of how catchy the song is, and also all the TWICE members’ visuals, that stood out more.

Here are Jeong Yeon’s photos from the BDZ era and her live performance:

BDZ Official Music Video

In the third quarter of 2018, around November 5th, TWICE came back with a big hit son, ‘Yes or Yes’. The song itself made TWICE gain even more fans, especially from the international K-pop fans. Not only that, they also amazed viewers by how the choreography became more complicated than before.


Jeong Yeon’s Fancam for ‘Yes or Yes’ Live Performances

In 2019, around April 22, TWICE made their next comeback with ‘FANCY’. This song became a mega-hit not only in South Korea, but around the world, as well, and their album sales went up, accordingly. TWICE’s international fanbase became much bigger than before, even many people who weren’tk-pop fans overseas loved this song and did dance covers of it.

And in this ‘FANCY’ era, Jeong Yeon received a lot of praise for her visual. The long hairstyle makes her looks a lot more mature and gorgeous, which made her appearance stand out.


After ‘FANCY’ promotion was over, TWICE made their Japanese comeback with songs called ‘HAPPY HAPPY’ and ‘Breakthrough’. This Japanese comeback, especially ‘Breakthrough’, grabbed plenty of attention from the fans; they even said that this song would be a perfect next Korean comeback title-track song.


HAPPY HAPPY Music Video, Jeong Yeon’s part Ver.

TWICE ‘Breakthrough’ MV

Not long ago, around September 23, TWICE made another spectacular Korean comeback, with the song ‘Feel Special’. Even thought it didn’t chart as high as ‘FANCY’, the song had another big impact around the world. This comeback also made TWICE’s fanbase, especially in the west, became larger.

In this era, Jeong Yeon decided to cut her hair back to another short hairstyle. Before the comeback, she’d already mentioned it to the fans, and was hoping that ONCE’s would accept her decision.


Jeong Yeon’s Fancam for ‘Feel Special’ Live Performance

A Famous Rumor About Jeong Yeon and BTS Member, Park Jimin

As you might know, since 2016, Jeongyeon and Jimin had a legendary beef that no one else has ever been able to identify. Many fans have speculated that Jimin and Jeong Yeon were dating, but some of them say that the two artistsy had a problem, and because of that they try to avoid each other.

Let’s take a look back at 2016, when TWICE and BTS were backstage at Music Bank. When BTS sings a line from their song ‘Spring Day’, some TWICE members also sang along with them. Let’s take a look at the video below first:

We can see Jimin and the other members, like Jin and V, look at Jeong Yeon weirdly, especially Jimin. Either he’s surprised or mad, we have no way to know why he’s making that kind of face towards her.

There is also plenty of video evidence between Jeong Yeon and Jimin moments. Here is one of the example videos for you guys: