Let’s Take a Look at Jihyo and the Other TWICE Members’ Halloween Costumes


Details About TWICE Members’ Halloween Costumes

Everybody is always excited about Halloween and the popular South Korean girl group TWICE is no exception. TWICE members know how to enjoy themselves for this occasion, especially with their fans Once. Since 2018, TWICE celebrate their group’s anniversary holding a fan meeting with their fans, ONCE with a Halloween theme and they have appeared on stage with their own unique costumes.

Each of the group members took special attention and care in their costume selection. The members of TWICE also performed in their Halloween costumes. From cute and adorable to sexy and creepy, TWICE’s Halloween costume line really caught the attention of their fans.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with Jihyo and the Other TWICE Members’ Halloween Costumes. Let’s take a closer look at how TWICE have been celebrating Halloween. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down this article.

About Once Halloween


“Once Halloween” is the name of Twice’s special Halloween fan meeting. The fan meeting was held in order to celebrate the group’s anniversary. 


TWICE first held the Halloween fan meeting in 2018, and the next year the group members also held a fan meeting on the same occasion titled “Once Halloween 2.”

During the fan meeting event, the members of TWICE wore special Halloween costumes and they performed their song on the stage while wearing the costumes. There were so many of their fans attending the event and celebrating the group’s anniversary together.


JYP entertainment and TWICE have been working hard on the preparations for the fan meeting ONCE Halloween. The result was really breathtaking as the members of TWICE had gone for a sexy, phenomenal and frightening Halloween look.

TWICE Costumes on Once Halloween 2018


The first Once Halloween fan meeting event took place at Yonsei University on October 28th, 2018. The fan meeting was held in order to celebrate the group’s anniversary. During the fan meeting, TWICE performed many singles from their album that was released within the year.


Moreover, the members also performed a few new Japanese releases for the first time, such as “BDZ” and “Be As One,” and they sang the songs in Korean. What made their performance different was each of the members showed up wearing a Halloween costume for the exciting event and they were performing while wearing the costumes.


During the Once Halloween fan meeting 2018, Momo dressed up in a fur coat as a Cruella de Vil, the main antagonist of One Hundred and One Dalmatians.


Jeongyeon looked cute as No Face or Kaonashi, a spirit in the Japanese animated film Spirited Away.


Chaeyoung celebrated Halloween by wearing a Joker costume, a supervillain who is a psychopathic criminal mastermind and mass murderer with a warped, and sadistic sense of humor.


Nayeon looked gorgeous and sexy in a superhero Catwoman costume.


Dahyun has never disappointed her fans with her totality. In Once Halloween 2018 she dressed up as a haunted doll, Annabelle.


Jihyo dressed up as Princess Mononoke.


Mina rocked 2018 Halloween as Princess Ahmanet from the movie The Mummy.


Sana looked beautiful as Red Queen, the main antagonist in the film Alice in Wonderland.


Tzuyu looked scary as Emily, the titular deuteragonist of Corpse Bride. She was wearing a white gown, headscarf to the tiara; Tzuyu completed her look with Emily’s make-up.

TWICE Costumes on Once Halloween 2019


In 2019, TWICE held the group’s fourth anniversary with a special event, Once Halloween 2. TWICE decided to hold the year’s fan meeting with a Halloween theme on October 20th, 2019, at Hwajeong Gymnasium of Korea University. On September 20th, 2019, TWICE unveiled the poster for the fan meeting, titled Once Halloween 2 as a sequel to last year’s event.


During the fan meeting event, TWICE performed some of their hits, goofed around the stage and played games. Like the previous year, the members of TWICE looked very beautiful, cute and sexy in Halloween costumes. Again, at the Once Halloween 2 event, the group members did not disappoint their fans because they also wore Halloween costumes that looked very eye-catching and succeeded in amazing their fans causing them to laugh out loud.

The members of the girl group also performed their hit songs on the stage wearing the Halloween costumes.


During the 2019 Once Halloween 2 event, Sana rocked the fan meeting as Mera from Aquaman. She chose the character as this was her family’s favorite movie of the year.


Tzuyu looked like a dark and sexy character as she entered as the titular character from Maleficent.


Jeongyeon was the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland which she chose just because she enjoyed the character and costume.


Momo, dressed up as Boo from Monsta Inc as they share a resemblance. Momo said, “She is one of my favorite characters, and many people told me that I look like Boo when I have my hair in pigtails.”


Dahyun stole the show with her spot-on Genie costume. She explained the reason behind her cosplay as Aladdin, “I dressed up as Genie from Aladdin. Like last year’s fan meeting’s Annabelle costume and make-up, I wanted to try something that no one has and I wanted to make ONCE laugh. I was kind of worried that ONCE might not like the costume, but they all loved it so I was happy.”


Jihyo decided to go for a costume that even her group mates did not know. She chose Miguel from Pixar‘s Coco. Jihyo explained, “The other members didn’t seem to know who I was, but I liked the movie so decided to go as this character. I wanted to do something different, like Pennywise, Farting King Pung Pung (a Korean Kids’ animation) or a character from the Korean Webtoon, Strangers from Hell.”


Chaeyoung also dressed up as a character from a popular movie. This time she chose Edward from Edward Scissorhands, impressing with her cool claw-like fingertips. Chaeyoung said, “I liked the black leather and the fashion personally, and I loved the movie too. After I wore the costume and had my make-up on, everyone told me I really looked like the real Edward.”


While Nayeon was a messy-haired Daesu from the popular movie Old Boy. She stated, “We all prepared the costumes we wanted. I dressed up as a character called Oh Daesu from the movie Old Boy. I had not watched the movie before but Chaeyoung told me that it was an awesome movie, so I chose that character for my costume.”


While the others were over the top, Mina chose to go as an angel as it was simpler but nonetheless beautiful.



During the first Once Halloween that was held in 2018, the TWICE’s leader Jihyo’s costume had been heavily debated and criticized by fans, as she wore a long brown dress with fringe and with a matching brown fur coat.


Jihyo also had her face painted with various marks that she paired with a set of pigtail braids and a head ornament made of feathers. Some people said that her costume was meant to be like Princess Mononoke, however, her stylist got her costume wrong.


Other fans believed that she was meant to look like a stereotypical “Native American” or “First Nation” person not as Princess Mononoke. However, these types of “Indian” or “Native” costumes are offensive as they treat the heavily stigmatized culture and history of oppressed people as a prop or aesthetic. First Nations women have been disproportionately used and abused throughout history, thus wearing their cultural garb with a slash on the chest as a costume can become a sensitive topic. Fans have identified that Jihyo and her Korean stylist team may be unaware of the issue.

Fans’ Reactions

Dressed up in Halloween costumes, from funny and cute to sexy and scary, the members of TWICE succeeded in stealing the attention of their fans. Since the first Halloween-themed fan meeting, ONCE have been eagerly waiting to see what the members would wear next for their Halloween costumes.


Attendees and TWICE fans were delighted and entertained to see the members’ appearance during the fan meeting in Halloween costumes that looked quite unique. And ONCE did not seem to want to lose to their idols either.


Other fans who came to the event were also dressed in Halloween costumes. A group of fans went on stage dressed up like Nayeon when she hid during a V Live broadcast because she was caught off guard wearing a robe and a facemask.


On Twitter, fans left many comments related to TWICE’s costumes at the Once Halloween fan meeting. 

Favorite Costumes Through The Years


Everyone has different opinions about the TWICE members’ favorite Halloween costumes. All of the members of TWICE succeeded in entertaining their fans with their unique costumes. Each member has her own way of making their fans happy and laughing.


As one of the members of TWICE, Dahyun, who succeeded in making her fan burst out laughing with her totality look. At the previous fan meeting, she dressed up as Annabelle and last year she appeared as Genie from the Aladdin movie. It really is hard to believe, the one with the blue face is actually TWICE’s Dahyun.

And member Tzuyu stole the attention of many people when she appeared as ‘Maleficient’ with her stunning outfit. Aside from Tzuyu, other members such as Sana had also surprised many fans as she appeared as Mera from Aquaman.


Latest News


On September 23rd, 2019, TWICE released their 8th mini-album Feel Special and featured the title song with the same name. The lead single, “Feel Special,” describes the fluttering moment given by loved ones when we are walking through a heart as dark as the lightless night.

The song also tells about the wish to get up again upon the support of someone’s warm words when someone is afraid and want to collapse. TWICE also sang it with the hope that it would encourage everyone.


Recently, TWICE members experienced some unpleasant moments, such as TWICE’s Nayeon’s stalker, personal information of TWICE’s Dahyun leaking after an airport staff mistakenly exposed her passport and was caught on video, and Chaeyoung’s personal phone number being leaked online.


That was all the information about Jihyo and the other TWICE Members’ Halloween Costumes. Please, do not forget to kindly share your thoughts and drop a line in the comment section below!