Let’s Get to Know about 5 TWICE Songs and Discographies Throughout 2017!

TWICE Discography

Check Out about 5 TWICE Songs Throughout 2017!

Everybody already knows about TWICE. The group was formed by JYP Entertainment and has so many popular songs. Even their debut song is popular. In 2017, they released some songs, and all of the songs became popular and got some awards or even hit the top on various music charts.

In regards to this, Channel-Korea will give you 5 TWICE songs and discographies (including the B-side tracks) that you should know! Keep on reading!

TWICE’s Comeback “Knock Knock”

TWICE Discography in 2017

First, “Knock Knock” is the lead track from TWICE’s 3rd mini-album Twicecoaster: Lane 2 which was released on February 20, 2017.

TWICE released the music video with a cute, bright, colorful, and girly concept. This song is very interesting and easy to listen to, but there are some people who also say that this song sounds strange. Besides that, “Knock Knock”‘s MV made a new record as the fastest MV to get 10 million views before 24 hours.

You can see Park Jin-young (J.Y.P) in TWICE’s music video. Here is “Knock Knock”‘s music video that you should watch!

B-Side Tracks

TWICE Discography in 2017

B-side tracks are the songs that didn’t become the lead track of an album but still have good music. In Twicecoaster: Lane 2, 8 songs are included outside of the lead track. Here are the tracks:

1. “Ice Cream”

“Ice Cream” presents the sweetest music, and if you listen to this, you will melt like ice cream. This song became a mainstay song after the lead track.

2. “TT”

TWICE Discography in 2017

“TT”‘s music video was released on October 24, 2016, and in 9 hours the song managed to gain 3 million views. “TT” was written by Sam Lewis, and the music was directed by Black Eyed Pilseung. The MV’s theme is Halloween and ghosts, but it still shows the cute side of the members.

3. “1 to 10”

This b-side track was written by Chloe and Noday. Just like “TT”, this song was also included in the previous mini-album. “1 to 10” tells about someone who is in love, and the song has a more relaxed rhythm.

4. “Ponytail”

“Ponytail” is a song that was written by ZigZag Note and Lee Sin-seong and encourages women so they don’t have to feel inferior and be what they want to be in front of someone that they love.

5. “Jelly Jelly”

This song doesn’t have an official music video, but TWICE uploaded the dance practice video. The music is really good if we listen while dancing.

6. “Pit-a-Pat”

This b-side track really has cheerful, cute, and uplifting music. “Pit-a-Pat” tells about a girl who is in love with someone. The song doesn’t have a music video, but TWICE once performed this song with choreography.

7. “Next Page”

This song was written by Maeel and arranged by Joe. J. Lee “Kairos” and Hobyn “K.O” Yi. The genre is TWICE’s style which is cheerful, happy, and cute.

8. “One in a Million”

“One in a Million” is a song that TWICE dedicated to their fans (ONCE). The lyrics were written by Mr. Cho and arranged by Sebastian Thott. The rhythm of this song is slightly upbeat but still catchy.


TWICE Discography in 2017

On May 15, 2017, TWICE released their fourth mini-album Signal. The song was produced by J.Y.P (Park Jin-young), and this mini-album became the best-selling on Gaon. The song has a unique concept for its music video, namely alien. The song is very catchy in the funky-pop genre.

B-Side Tracks

twice mini album signal

Signal has 6 songs including the lead track, the songs are:

1. “Three Times a Day.” This song is the second track and has slow, relaxing music. The song lyrics were written by Kim Won and Dia.

2. “Only You (Only 너).” This song was arranged by David Anthony Eames. The music is very lively. Moreover, the song has vocal combinations of all of the members.

3. “Hold Me Tight.” Among the other tracks, many people were quite disappointed with this track because only Jihyo’s vocals were dominant.

4. “Eye Eye Eyes.” Different from other tracks, this is so special because Jihyo and Chaeyoung wrote the lyrics by themselves. This track is easy to listen to, and there’s a country genre here.

5. “Someone Like Me.” This song has a different genre from the usual. The song is really slow but enjoyable. But, unfortunately, the track doesn’t have a music video.

First Japanese Single “One More Time”

TWICE Discography in 2017

“One More Time” is TWICE’s first Japanese maxi-single which was released on October 18, 2017, but the music video was released on October 6, 2017. “One More Time” managed to reach the 1st position on Japan’s music chart and Japan Hot 100. The concept that they used was girly and colorful. Here is the music video!

B-Side Tracks

This Japanese single album has 4 tracks that are “Luv Me,” “One More Time,” and the instrumentals of the two songs. “Luv Me”‘s lyrics were written by Yuka Matsumoto and arranged by Albin Nordqvist. The song entered the 38th position on Japan Hot 145 chart.


TWICE Discography in 2017

This song entered TWICE’s first studio album Twicetagram on October 30, 2017, and the song is the lead track. They showed a cheerful and cute concept. “Likey” gained 1st place on various music charts such as K-Pop Hot 100, Gaon, and Billboard US World Digital Song Sales.

B-Side Tracks

twice twicetagram album

Twicetagram has 13 tracks including “Likey.” They are:

  • “Turtle”
  • “Missing U”
  • “Wow”
  • “FFW”
  • “Ding Dong”
  • “24/7”
  • “Look at Me”
  • “Rolling”
  • “Love Line”
  • “Don’t Give Up”
  • “You in My Heart”
  • “Jaljayo Good Night”

“Heart Shaker”

TWICE Discography in 2017

On December 11, 2017, TWICE released Merry & Happy with “Heart Shaker” as the lead track. This song is really popular and achieved 1st place in various music charts and got many awards. Even though for this song they used a cute and girly concept, their fans never get bored.

B-Side Tracks

twicetagram twice mini album

The tracks on this album are the same as those on Twicetagram, but the difference is “Merry & Happy” which is a Christmas song.

That’s all the information about all TWICE songs and discographies in 2017. Don’t forget to put your thoughts in the comment section about this article!