TWICE and the 7-Year Curse: Is TWICE Disbanding in 2022?

twice disband

Will TWICE Renew Their Contract or Will They Disband in 2022?

The end is near. TWICE’s contract will end in 2022, and fans are fearing the worst, disbandment. The majority of idol groups’ contracts end after 7 years. It is the main reason behind the famous and feared 7-Year Curse. TWICE debuted in 2015, and they can opt to renew or terminate their contract by the end of 2021.

Will TWICE’s members renew their contract and start a new page, or will they disband in 2020? Find out the details about the rumor in this article!

TWICE’s Contract Ends in 2022

twice disband

These days, ONCE, (TWICE’s fandom) must be having trouble sleeping. The main reason is TWICE’s imminent contract end. We all know that TWICE’s members signed their contract and debuted in 2015. Most idol groups’ contracts run for 7 years, and TWICE’s contract is expected to end in 2022. What will happen after the contract ends? Does the decision lie in the hand of JYP Entertainment’s founder, JYP himself, or in the hands of TWICE’s members?

Idol Groups’ 7-Year Curse

twice disband

In the K-pop industry, there is this curse that every K-pop fan fears. Usually, whenever a new group debuts, they sign a contract that will last for years. Initially, idol trainees are recruited through audition programs or direct scouting. Then, they sign a long contract that will enable them to learn all the basic requirements to be an idol such as dancing, singing, positioning, and many other things. The talented ones, lucky ones, and the most persistent ones can then debut with other trainees in a group and become K-pop idols.

Before debuting, usually, the management company offers an initial 7-year contract. It is believed that the period is required for the company to break even or earn profits after funding the idols’ training expenses. In the past, the contract would run for more than a decade. But, due to lawsuits and criticisms, the government made rules that limit the contract to 7 years. The least successful groups never make it to the end of the contract and disband while the more successful groups can fulfill the contract and have it extended. It is the reason behind the emergence of idol groups’ 7-year curse.

 twice disband

Even the more popular girl groups such as EXID, Sistar, KARA, 2NE1, and 4Minute couldn’t escape from the curse and disbanded after 7 years. The most recent one, GFriend, disbanded earlier at six years after its debut.

TWICE became popular after releasing their famous single, TT. The group made a cute sign with their hands, indicating the TT letters. Interestingly, the sign also resembles the number 7. Will the number be a bad omen for TWICE’s disbandment?

TWICE’s Disbandment Rumor: When and How?

twice disband

JYP Entertainment has been secretive about contract renewal talks. A new contract must result in a huge amount of money being prepared and more complicated details, especially for TWICE’s caliber. In December 2020, JYP Entertainment debuted a new girl group, NiziU. Is the group set to replace TWICE and be the future of JYP Entertainment? JYP Entertainment is known to work with their artists for a longer period, and the company usually extends the artists’ contracts. As of now, while a new contract is being prepared, hopefully, let’s enjoy TWICE’s latest album, The Feels.

TWICE’s Future Plan

twice disband

We can rest assured that if TWICE disbands, all nine members will surely be able to maintain their careers as singers or move on to acting or hosting TV programs. Jihyo, the leader, is believed to be aiming for a solo debut. Nayeon, known for her cute and charming personality, can choose to be a TV program host or a member of variety shows. Jongyeon can focus on her health and recover before continuing her career. TWICE’s Japanese trio, Mina, Sana, and Momo, can form a new group or become solo singers.

Dahyun has experience hosting variety shows, and she is surely destined to entertain fans on variety shows. Tzuyu, arguably the richest and most popular member, will have no trouble becoming a global icon. Chaeyoung, the second youngest member, is rumored to be dating a tattoo artist, and TWICE’s members believe that she will be the first member to get married.

 twice disband

Let’s hope that good news will be delivered by JYP Entertainment and TWICE’s members can renew their contract. If disbanding is the members’ preferred option, then let’s just hope it is the best for their careers.

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