Get To Know TWICE’s Dahyun: Profile, Mnet ‘SIXTEEN’, and More

Dating Rumor

Dahyun has no dating rumor ever since she has become a member of TWICE so it is quite possible that she is single now. Park Jin Young, the CEO of JYP Entertainment, revealed in the interview that it was forbidden for TWICE members to have romantic relationships during the three-year duration of their contracts.

From her interview, Dahyun admires a man who is reliable like her father, nice to her parents, and loves her abundantly. Nevertheless, there are some intimate interactions between TWICE members who show their close relationship which sometimes can be mistaken as romantic interactions. They are quite expressive of their teamwork and care for each other.

Dahyun looks like she is only focusing on her career in this Top-trend girl group, TWICE. However, there are some core fans of Dahyun who are hoping that she has a relationship with Hanbin from iKon. Nevertheless, they are most likely just friends and support each other’s careers.

These are some collage photos of them made by fans.

Dahyun was also a topic of conversation among her fans regarding her ability to find a camera whenever she crossed by. People on social media jokingly talked that the reason why Dahyun has never been caught by Dispatch’s photographers, where last time Kai from EXO and Krystal from Blackpink were caught by their camera, is because of her awareness of the camera.


Television programs

Year Title Role Network Note
2014 GOT7 – Stop Stop It Model MV
2015 Wooyoung – “R.O.S.E.” Model MV
2015 Sixteen Contestant Mnet Survival show that determined Twice members
2016 Weekly Idol Fixed panelist MBC Every 1 “Idols are the Best” corner (Episode 249–283)
Real Man Cast MBC Female edition 4 (7 episodes)
2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships Announcer

Latest News

Recently, Dahyun of TWICE celebrated her 21st birthday, on May 28th, and released a special piano cover. On her special day, Dahyun was playing a piano cover of Yiruma’s “Reminiscent.” Dahyun treated her fans with her beautifully played soft melody. Let’s watch her piano playing below! By the way, Happy Birthday, Dahyun.

On July 7th, JYP Entertainment released an official notice about Dahyun not being able to attend a scheduled event due to health concerns. This can be read as follows:

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We are writing this notice to inform you that due to health concerns, TWICE’s Dahyun will be unable to attend the following schedule.

– Pocari Challenge Teen Festa (July 7th)

The decision was made that Dahyun requires rest and appropriate measures for her health, and she is unfortunately not in attendance of the event. We know that fans have been waiting for this event, but we ask for your understanding of this sudden notice.

If there are any additional changes to what has been notified above, we will reveal them in a new notice.

We will do our best to ensure that Dahyun has a speedy recovery. Once again, we thank fans for your understanding of this situation.

Thank you.

Same as Dahyun, Mina of TWICE will also not be attending the same event due to health concerns. Looking at her social media, recently, Dahyun uploaded her photo looking fresh and beautiful on her Instagram account @dahyun.twice

Keep healthy and amusing Dahyun, cheering up with every music piece in your career journey. We support and love you all the way! What do you think about Dahyun from TWICE? Kindly comment and share your thoughts in the section below!