TWICE’s Dahyun with K-Pop Male Idols, Who Do You Ship Her With?

Dahyun with BTS’s Jin

Dahyun & Jin

Next, we have Dahyun and BTS’s Jin! If we previously saw the moments between Dahyun and Chanyeol, this one also came up from the same event! Dahyun and Jin were hosts at the 2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje last December.

Even though there were three hosts, including EXO’s Chanyeol,  people might see something, too, between Dahyun and Jin! Just like how Dahyun was tending to stand right next to Jin on the red carpet.

Dahyun & Jin

There’s also a cute moments between Dahyun and another BTS member, Jin! The most famous moment between them was where Jin threw a bunch of confetti, startling Dahyun and making her burst into a cute laugh! Or when they were being hosts and standing next to each other, people caught Jin staring directly at Dahyun, meanwhile Dahyun was smiling, focused on the camera.

Well, even though they shared a cute moment together, it doesn’t mean that they were casually in a relationship or something. They’re just great partners to each other as hosts, but it’s all right if people see them as cute friends.

Watch Dahyun & Jin’s moments here:

Dahyun with Kim Min-seok

Dahyun & Kim Min-seok

Another cute moment between Dahyun and a male K-Pop idol, this time with Kim Min-seok! Their sweet interaction was revealed through Flower Crew! Dahyun and Jungyeon were becoming the surprise guests on the show. They went to Jeju Island and tried some of the island’s dishes.

The cute moment came when Dahyun was wrapping a bunch of food and helped Kim Min-seok to bite his food. That left Kim Min-seok in disbelief and he asked her if she really did it for him, getting a good response from her. Then the rest of the members of Flower Crew burst into laughter and were teasing Kim Min-seok, saying that his heart might be pounding, as well.

Dahyun & Kim Min-seok


When Dahyun was asked who was her favorite style from Descendants of The Sun, she confidently answered that it was Kim Min-seok sunbaenim! Also, when they were cooking a seafood dish, Kim Min-seok made sure that Dahyun wasn’t getting too close to the flame since they were cooking with a grill.

Unfortunately, even though they were being nice and romantic towards each other, there’s nothing romantic about their relationship. They were just being good partners in their occupation, and it was revealed that Kim Min-seok was a fan of Jungyeon instead of Dahyun.

Watch Dahyun & Kim Min-seok’s moments here:

Dahyun with Day6’s Dowoon

Dahyun & Dowoon

Here’s another moment with Dahyun and the Day6 member, Dowoon! Even though their moments wasn’t as much as with the others, we could still see their interaction together.

One of the sweet moments was when Dahyun and Dowoon were standing next to each other while they were on the stage, with their hands intertwined. Dahyun looked happy with her cute smile, meanwhile Dowoon was looking pleased, as well. There was also the moment when Dahyun and Dowoon were walking together while holding hands.

On another occasion, when Dahyun was taking a group picture with Stray Kids, Dowoon was included in it! Seems like wherever Dahyun goes, she’s always accompanied by Dowoon, right?

But still, there’s nothing to be revealed about their relationship. A lot of their fans have shipped them as well, but it seems like we need to wait for another moment where everything is more clear!

Dahyun & Dowoon


Dahyun & Dowoon

Watch Dahyun & Dowoon’s moments here:

Dahyun with Hanbin

Dahyun & Hanbin

Last, but not least, we have Dahyun and Hanbin! The first speculation about their relationship came up through SBS’s Gayo Daejun last December. Hanbin, who used to be a  member of iKon, was caught up looking secretly at Dahyun while the show was being held!

There’s also a picture of Hanbin and Dahyun standing next to each other in the closing for SBS Gayo Daejun’s. The picture surprised the fans, some of them were even remembering that Dahyun was Hanbin’s ideal type according to his statement in a certain interview, and they were also assuming that there’s something between them.

Dahyun & Hanbin


Dahyun & Hanbin

Hanbin’s fans were teasing him and asking him to make a first move and approach Dahyun. Even though there’s a lot of people who shipped them, unfortunately, they weren’t dating or anything else. It also seems as if they’ve never been give3n a proper introduction, too.

Watch Dahyun & Hanbin’s moments here:

Well, that was all of the information about TWICE’s Dahyun’s moments with some male K-Pop idols! Even though some of their moments are slightly or not so recognized by people, we are glad to know that TWICE’s Dahyun seems to be such a friendly girl towards everyone! Let’s wait for more friendship moments between TWICE’s Dahyun and other male K-Pop idols!

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