Controversies Surrounding TWICE and How They Still Manage To Shine Despite It All

TWICE Threatened with Acid Attack

In 2017, a user from the Korean group Ilbe threatened to pour 10 liters of acid onto TWICE. The user posted pictures of the Japanese concert venue of TWICE together with his threats to the group.

He wrote:

“Certainly, money is great. Is money really the best right? Because leaving Korea [for money] is okay, never come back to Korea again. If you come back, I’ll be waiting at the airport with 10 liters of acid.”

JYP Entertainment demanded an investigation from the police. Approximately a year later, on July 17, 2018, police disclosed that a person in his early 20s was detained for the threats. “We managed the situation in accordance with the law after arresting the criminal.”

JYP Entertainment responded to the criminal’s earlier reports that threatened to catch TWICE. A source from the agency commented, “It’s true the criminal was arrested and we know he was arrested last year in July.”

A Japanese Politician Attacks Dahyun’s Marymond T-Shirt

In November, 2018, Japanese right-wingers allegedly discovered their next target in TWICE, as former LDP leader of the prefecture assembly group, Hokkaido Onodera Masaru, called Dahyun out on Twitter for wearing a Marymond shirt, a brand that helps comfort women (Imperial Japan’s sexual slavery victims during World War 2).

“BTS, who wore an atomic bomb t-shirt, won’t be appearing on NHK’s’ Kōhaku Uta Gassen. Although that’s great news, there’s also been a piece of poor news. I discovered that TWICE member Dahyun was wearing a comfort woman’s t-shirt. This t-shirt’s sales are used to finance Korean comfort women’s inappropriate activities. NHK allows this anti-Japanese activist to participate in’ Kōhaku Uta Gassen.”

Yikes, what do you think about this situation?

Lip Sync

On the Pann site in 2016, there was a posting that explains and includes a photo sheet queue related to TWICE doing lip-syncing at the Super Seoul Dream Concert.

The sheet queue shows that the TWICE stage is AR, while Gfriend is MR. As you all know, AR is for lip-syncing while MR is for live singing. AR includes vocal parts so all they do is open and close their mouths. It is said that this is a shameful thing for singers. TWICE has received this shame since the Melon Music Awards, where they showed surprising singing skills, so maybe that’s the reason they did the AR, so that yesterday’s events didn’t recur.

This is how ONCE responded to the haters: