From Gucci to Zimmermann, Get Inspired by TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s Styles!

Red Carpet

Have you watched TWICE’s latest music video “Fancy?” This time, Chae-young is wearing the outfit for the red carpet from the music video. Just like the concept of the music video itself, she wears a retro and futuristic outfit with Lace Up Vinyl Pants from Ben Taverniti UnravelProject that cost $437,50If you are looking for something funky to wear, these vinyl pants will be a good option for you.

TWICE’s Chae-young wears the Talon Floral Jacquard Dress by Mary Katrantzou that costs $2,043 for the red carpet while attending the awards. This dress has such an elegant and glamorous look with a pattern that has base colors such as gold, black, green, and blue with the signature folded skirts.

In this photo, TWICE’s Chae-young wears the Rose Print Slip Dress by Phillip Plein that costs $1,241. Although this dress looks revealing, it’s a good choice for you to wear and boost up your confidence with this dress that mainly has red and black colors with lace on the bottom of the dress which makes everyone who wears this dress have sexy vibes.

Summer Style

Who said that you always have to wear bikinis or shorts during the summer? Nope, it’s definitely an old school style. These days, you can adjust any outfit to any season since the designers have made the clothes in such a way that you can simply choose what to wear and when regardless of the weather conditions. If you look at the picture above, you can steal the summer looks from TWICE’s Chae-young where she wears the Inika Crochet Dress by She Made Me.

The outfit that she wears is actually a swimsuit that can be turned into a dress, isn’t it beautiful? This is a very good choice of outfit during the summer season or whenever you want to go to the beach to have a fun time with your besties!

This one is another option for you to wear during summer. TWICE’s Chae-young is wearing the Halter Neck Camisole by MSCHF that costs $23,07 which is actually a female outwear for summer that has various models. In the picture above, TWICE’s Chae-young is wearing the one that has the halter neck and is one of the fashion trends among the teenagers this year. With this outfit, you can easily mix and match different accessories, such as cowboy hat, necklace, oversized clothes and many more.

This summer dress is also another option for you to wear during the warm season while enjoying your cocktail and fruit punch at the beach. If you look at the picture above, TWICE’s Chae-young radiates the summer vibes with her cute charm while wearing The Christy-Wild Cherry dress by Realisation that costs $180 and makes her small figure look so beautiful with the simple cherry print.


Choosing to wear a flower printed dress can never go wrong, right? This time, TWICE’s Chae-young is wearing the V Neck Floral Print Dress by IFNE that costs $49,29. It is such a nice and beautiful dress with a unique long skirt that is really suited for a night party or attending a summer party since the flower pattern is always in trend during the hot weather.

This white dress is also a good option for you to wear since it radiates princess-look-a-like outfit with the short skirt and long sleeves that make every girl who wears it automatically look beautiful and elegant. By wearing this dress, you don’t have to wear bold make-up but you can still look flawless as ever!

TWICE’s Chae-young is wearing the red dress Oksanna Silk Gown by Maria Lucia Hohan that costs $1040,19 in the picture above. This dress has such a luxury look with the red color that oozes a feminine chic and charm. If you are looking for a perfect dress for a romantic date or just a party, this red dress is a great choice for you to steal the spotlight and become the queen of the day!

Tomboy Look

Many girls like to wear comfortable and boyish clothes that can make them actually look really cool! From a simple t-shirt to sneakers, this outfit from TWICE’s Chae-young is a good recommendation for you to wear.

Let’s take a look at these style choice of the rapper of TWICE from head to toe. Chae-young is wearing the Club NEUL Hawaiian T-Shirt by NEUL that costs $94,72, Side Blocking Pants by WNDERKAMMER by Side Blocking Pants that cost $114,13, and All Star Chuck Taylor Seasonal Ox by Converse that cost $42 making a great combination for a tomboy look that you should try to wear!

Denim jeans are always a good choice since you can complete your look with virtually anything on top. This time, TWICE’s Chae-young wears a black Kase Coat by ZADIG&VOLTAIRE that costs $848 to match with her jeans. The outfit that she has chosen breaks the limit of a feminine concept and makes another simple but stylish move with a ready-to-go concept.

In the picture above, TWICE’s Chae-young has chosen an 80s look with a long-sleeved shirt Myles Pocket L/SL Shirt by STUSSY. This look has a simple and comfortable tomboy vibe to it from what she wears from the top and bottom completed with some accessories such as a belt, necklace, sunglasses and a pocket sling bag.