From Gucci to Zimmermann, Get Inspired by TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s Styles!

Get Inspired by TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s Style

Are you a fan of TWICE? The girl group that has a lot of top songs such as “Fancy,” “Dance The Night Away,” and “TT,” also known as the group who has the prettiest members as well. Beside being multi-talented, TWICE members are all body goals that often lands them as models in magazines.

In this article, we’re going to explore TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s best styles that you can use as a reference when you’re going out! Let’s scroll down and check out the article below.

Check Out TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s Best Style Choices!

K-Pop idols are the center of attention almost always when they are in a public place. When these idols aren’t performing on stage, they have the freedom to choose to wear an outfit that suits them the most and of course, that makes them feel comfortable to wear.

This time, we’re going to check out TWICE’s main rapper, Chae-young, in her best outfits that could be a good idea for you to wear!

Airport Fashion

When idols arrive at the airport, there are so many reporters and media already waiting for them. Most of the pictures that are being taken are for the purpose of dissecting the idol’s look at the airport.

If we take a look at the picture above, TWICE’s Chae-young wears a comfortable and sporty outfit from NIKE. The outfit that costs $133.20 is a Wind Runner Hoodie Jacket that has a colorful pattern and it represents the outer for TWICE’s Chae-young white t-shirt and black shorts. This outfit is a great idea for those of you who love sporty looks.

For ONCE, who know the style and concept of their idols, TWICE’s Chae-young is one of the members who like to wear simple and comfortable outfits when they finish their schedules or go somewhere by airplane. The outfit that she wears this time is Dotted Crepe Blouse by MSCHF that costs $84,87 and Christy Camisole by ZADIG&VOLTAIRE that costs $192.

Next, let’s take a look at TWICE’s Chae-young’s outfit in the picture above. The rapper of TWICE is wearing a Stripped Twin Vest from Ralph Lauren that costs $390 which is really suited for the transition to spring as it becomes one of the seasons that bring the cool breeze for everyone.

Casual Style

In this section, we’re going to see how TWICE’s Chae-yeon looks wearing a casual outfit. As you know from before, she is one of the members who rock every kind of fashion style and any outfit is really matched for her. In the photo above, TWICE’s Chae-yeon is wearing the Pianist Shirt Multicolor Prints by Vivienne WestwoodThis shirt has such a funky pattern and is a good choice for those of you who like a colorful outfit but still like to keep it simple.

Who likes to wear a cropped top? Aside from being a trend these days, TWICE’s Chae-young has also been spotted wearing this casual but still feminine style by choosing to wear the Multicolor Stripe Tee by goSister that costs $8,16. This cropped top will make the one wearing it become cuter just like TWICE’s Chae-young!

In the picture above, we can see Chae-young in a boyish choice of style where she has dressed herself in all black from head to toe, in a manner of speaking, except for the sneakers which are bright red and complete her look perfectly. TWICE’s Chae-young looks pretty cool with her no make-up look matched with Sheerpa Fleece Bucket Hat that costs $46,14 by Stussy, ‘Botti’ Sweatshirt by STILLWORLDWIDE that costs $60,97 and One Star Cherry Red Sneakers by Converse that cost $75.

Girlfriend Look

In this section, we’re going to steal the girlfriend looks from TWICE’s Chae-young. The most important things about the girlfriend look are the cute, sweet, and feminine concept as well. With this outfit that TWICE’s Chae-young wears in the picture above; she wears Frill Button Blouse by SOMEDAYS that costs $27,19 and A Line Tweed Skirt by GUCCI that costs $1,500, she has the perfect girlfriend look.

This outfit really matches with the concept of a rich girlfriend, especially if you look at how much it costs. But the main ideas from this outfit really have a vibe of such a girlfriend look, don’t they?

This time, there’s another concept for those who like to wear a simple outfit but still have a girly and feminine look as well. In the picture above, TWICE’s Chae-young is wearing short jeans and a white cropped top named Seersucker Top from H&M that costs $34,99. This outfit has puff sleeves with a wide neck crop top that reveals your shoulders and neck length, but it still makes you look sweet and beautiful.

This dress has a romantic vibe that would be a good recommendation for you to go on a first date or a prom! TWICE’s Chae-young is wearing the Bowie Floral Print Jumpsuit by ZIMMERMANN that costs $371. The dress has such a soft pattern with flowers and the colors are very calm and radiate the girlfriend look with off-shoulder and a belt that is actually a part of the dress itself.