Famous For Having Experimental Hairstyle, Let’s Take a Look at TWICE’s Chae-young’s hairstyle!


TWICE’s Eclectic Rapper and Her Colorful Hairstyles

TWICE has been hitting it out of the ballpark left and right, fresh off their Japanese dome tour and promotions with various brands who called for them to be their ambassadors. They did not only sell out one dome concert, but all three of the domes they were set to have multiple-day concerts in. They are definitely the new It-group in Japan, as the public is as hyped as their fans are for their appearances at events and on TV. Coming back from the success of their Japanese promotions, the group is set to come back on the 22nd of April.

This raises some questions about the member’s hairstyles. As most fans know, members tend to change up their style according to the song promotion and comeback period, and the same can be said about TWICE. Especially after their packed schedule, it is only logical that they prepared beforehand and have been changing up their style to suit their comeback months ahead, to accommodate not only an album photobook shoot, but a music video shoot as well. One of the members that fans anticipate the most is none other than the spunky rapper, Chae-young.

Chae-young is known to have changed her hair more often than her band mates ever did, having been inspired not only by movie characters, but also her very unique personal aesthetics. This has caused her to run into a few mishaps such as changing her hair without telling management beforehand. From looks inspired by the movie ‘Leon,’ to bright and neon hair colors, she has had several iconic and legendary looks, so let’s take a look at some of Chae-young’s hairstyles throughout her career!

Chae-young’s Hairstyle

Throughout the years, Chae-young has had hair that’s long and short, colorful and dark,  so let’s take a look at some of her most iconic looks!

Long Hair Hairstyles

Chae-young has experimented with hair before, but one of her staple looks is her long tresses, in a variety of colors. As much as she has cut her hair short, she has also sometimes let it grow past her shoulders or simply attached some extensions for that length that she likes to switch up sometimes. Her long hair has also been styled numerous ways, such as in buns and pigtails.


One of Chae-young’s most iconic long-haired looks is when TWICE’s returned with the single, ‘Knock Knock’, and the for the first time since forever we had Chae-young rocking the long tresses. As seen above, through a picture taken from the ‘Knock Knock’ photobook, her hair is styled long and in a mousy brown color that makes her eyes pop against the colorful background. Not only that, it seems to have been layered to frame her face around the sides.


This same mousy-brown long hair has also been styled in many different ways, one of them being the more casual pigtails. Recently, pigtails have been making major comeback in the K-pop scene, for very much fun and laid-back looks that usually emphasize the youthful aspects of the idols. The same can be said about Chae-young, who is sporting this look in her off-time as one of TWICE’s youngest members.


Another one of Chae-young’s most iconic long-haired looks came when the group promoted the song, ‘Yes or Yes,’ which was their last comeback of their series of comebacks in 2018, consisting of four different songs. Different than her previous long-haired looks, her hair is dyed black and has streaks of platinum blonde running through her locks, which is done by attaching small sections of extensions all throughout her crown. This was particularly suited for the song and the concept as compared to TWICE’s other songs, it seems to have been more spunky.


Following with the theme of interesting styling with regard to her long hair, one of the most unique looks she has sported came from TWICE’s Japanese debut, ‘One More Time,’ in which the girls rocked some modified school uniforms. Going for a more youthful and fresh look, the stylists had Chae-young’s hair up in thick, braided pigtails, a modified version of the more casual pigtail. The hair is first tied up into pigtails and then braided to give that effect where it thins out at the ends, secured by another elastic right where it ends.


As mentioned before, not all of Chae-young’s long hairstyles have been a result of natural growing it past her shoulders and down to her waist, some of it has been thanks to the magic of extensions. One look that particularly came to mind was again during the ‘Knock Knock’ era, in which she wanted to try out a boyish bowl-cut situation, and decided to cut her hair before consulting with her agency. This resulted in her sporting extensions for some performances to emulate her previously long tresses, but also to spice things up in which she could wear her hair short or long, whatever fits her mood.