TWICE’s Chaeyoung Is Dating a Tattoo Artist? Find Out More About Her Relationship Status and Love Life Here!

twice chaeyoung dating tattoo artist

Does TWICE’s Chaeyoung Have a Boyfriend?

Are you the type of K-pop idol fan who will get shocked after hearing news of dating rumors? Not too long ago, one of TWICE’s members’ dating rumor with a tattoo artist was leaked. Well, how is that possible? Channel Korea will explain to you everything that matters, so stay tuned!

Who Is TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s Boyfriend?

twice chaeyoung dating tattoo artist

Chaeyoung is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and designer under JYP Entertainment. She rose to fame after joining the survival show SIXTEEN and debuting as a TWICE member in 2015. In the group, she is known as the main rapper and vocalist.

Many K-pop fans are in love with Chaeyoung due to her amazing skills and her pure beauty, and they are indeed in love with her personality. Chaeyoung is known for a lot of positive traits, being a tidy person, and taking care of her actions that would affect other people.

twice chaeyoung dating tattoo artist

Speaking of her personality, Chaeyoung is one of those idols who are rarely involved in dating rumors. But, the rumor suddenly came up, and ONCEs (TWICE’s fandom) was extremely surprised by that. So, who is Chaeyoung dating? Let’s find out the answer here!

TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s Dating Rumor With a Tattoo Artist

twice chaeyoung dating tattoo artist

Fans were surprised after the rumor of TWICE’s Chaeyoung dating a tattoo artist spread on the Internet. The rumor started after netizens were suspicious due to the discovery of multiple proofs.

The tattoo artist is named Chim Hwasa (Jung Sung-hyun). He is a guy in his 30s who is famously known for her occupation. Netizens found out that Chaeyoung and Chim Hwasa were spotted wearing the same rings which fans believe to be a “couple” item.

twice chaeyoung dating rumor with tattoo artist

Not only that but they also found a sketch on Chim Hwasa’s Instagram account that is a picture of a woman that looks like Chaeyoung. Although it was just a sketch, people thought the left side of the woman’s chin looked like TWICE’s Chaeyoung. However, all of the suspicious speculations from fans and netizens seemed untrue.

twice chaeyoung dating rumor with tattoo artist
Courtesy of Chim Hwasa via

JYP Entertainment (TWICE‘s agency) gave a short statement regarding the matter, stating “We don’t have any special official stance.” Both Chaeyoung and Chim Hwasa didn’t explain anything, but Chim Hwasa deleted his social media and remained silent. The rest of TWICE’s fandom didn’t believe in the rumor, either.

Fan Reactions

twice chaeyoung dating tattoo artist

Here is what they said regarding TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s dating rumor:

“Rumors of TWICE Chaeyoung dating??? My world is collapsing”

“Chaeyoung dating? Pssh rumors”

“Jype didn’t deny the rumors of her. So maybe it is true. But if it is true then don’t hate her. She’s allowed to date”

“I’m so ok if Chaeyoung is dating. Chaeyoung is a human too, and a human should feel how love is, right?”

“She can date whoever she wants”

What Is TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s Ideal Type?

twice chaeyoung dating artist

Since TWICE’s Chaeyoung isn’t dating anyone, for now, let’s find out about her ideal type! During certain interviews, Chaeyoung explained that she likes someone who dresses up well. Furthermore, her ideal type is someone who can take care of her and love her a lot. We hope that Chaeyoung will find her right love partner soon!

That is everything about TWICE’s Chaeyoung and her surprising dating rumor! Now, you know that the rumor is just a rumor since she wasn’t dating the tattoo artist. But, let’s hope that Chaeyoung will find her real boyfriend sometime in the future! Leave a comment down below about Chaeyoung, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!