Check Out TWICE’s Appearance With Black Dresses Looking Fabulous And Elegant

Dahyun in Black Dress

When Dahyun wore this long-sleeved lace black dress, it made her her cuteness so appealing. Fun fact: Dahyun was accepted by three companies at the same time, including JYP, YG, and SM. Eventually, she chose JYP.


This very short black dress is typical stage dress, but still points out her cuteness. Do you agree?

This simple and somewhat formal dress makes her look charming! Fun fact: Dahyun was first spotted at a youth dance festival in school, and went viral with her eagle dance.


Dahyun, who is lead rapper in the group, looks wonderful in this simple black dress, which gives her personality a chance to shine.

Jeongyeon in Black Dress


Jeonyeong has a bold, strong personality. This black dress really brought out her feminine side out so well, even though she likes yellow-green.


This outfit with its asymmetrical skirt really suits her. The outfit and her shorter hairstyle really bring out her personality. What do you think?

Fun fact: Jeonyeong was chosen as the second candidate to be a leader of TWICE. She was also accepted in two companies including JYP and SM Entertainment, but she choose JYP.

This black stage dress looks so gorgeous on her. Do you like it? Still bold and beautiful, Jeonyeong.

This long lace dress is a departure from her usual fashion style, yet she still looks beautiful. Do you favor this dress?

Her style in this dress is so dazzling. Looking at her eyes, it clear she’s feeling so comfortable in this bold, black style!

Chaeyoung in Black Dress

Chaeyoung, who passed the JYP audition in 2012, looks so girly and cute at the same time wearing this kind of black dress.


This lace dress suits her so much, making her look both stylish and even prettier than usual. Fun fact: her favorite color is red.

Chaeyoung was born in Seoul, South Korea, and has ability to mimic weird sounds. This dress makes her look both elegant and mature. Still beautiful, Chaeyoung! She seems even more confident in this dress


You can’t ever miss her essential cuteness. Look at this strapless dress that fits her character so well. The dress is made from velvet, which gives it a different look.

Tzuyu in Black Dress

Tzuyu, who is the maknae (the youngest) in TWICE, is known for being fashionable. Her black dress looks so graceful and elegant.

This dress aalso makes her look magnificent. She always looks grand in a long, black dress. Tzuyu has been viewed as a trendsetter on several Korean websites like Naver, Daum, and Nate.


This black mini-dress makes her look so calm and angelic. You can’t take your eyes off her! Tzuyu, who is Taiwanese, is so perfect as visual in the girl group.

This dress also has a simple cut, but look marvelous on her. Everything she wears is always sending out positive vibes, that is why she became the visual. What do you think?

That’s all about the TWICE members’ appearances wearing black dresses. Which one do you like the most? Black dresses always seem to have a magic aura that can take your appearance to another level. Supporting the TWICE members in everything they do in music, and of course, the fashion taste they aspire to. Don’t forget to give your comments and share your thoughts below!