Check Out TWICE’s Appearance With Black Dresses Looking Fabulous And Elegant


Do You Like Black Dresses? TWICE Should Be Your Inspiration

TWICE has come to be one of the top girl bands in South Korea. In 2019, TWICE sold over one million albums on Gaon in consecutive years, and gotten lots of top categories in song streaming and sales. All of these achievements have brought them to the peak of their music career. In addition, their fashion style is also an inspiration to people who see them. Black is universal, and is a favorite color for clothing all over the world. Black can be bold, sexy, or comfortable.

TWICE debuted after the 2015 reality show Sixteen, which was put together by JYP Entertainment for the express purpose of putting together a talented new girl group. The members that were chosen for the group included  Nayeon,  Jeongyeon, Momo,  Sana,  Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. The group debuted on October 20, 2015, and got their first hit with their 2016 song Cheer Up. The rest, as they say, is history. They become the first Korean group that earned Platinum on the album and CD single certification which is given by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ).

Today, Channel-Korea will be looking at their style, particularly their choices related to that fashion staple, the black dress. Come and see which of the black dresses you prefer. You may find yourself inspired by their fashions!

Jihyo in Black Dress

Jihyo has been spotted wearing various styles of black dressed. Her charisma is so outstanding wearing this style. The lace gives a feeling of elegance, combined with the loose, yet sexy cut. Jihyo was only in third grade when started as a trainee in JYP. With a total 10 years, she became a loyal trainee and had the longest training period among all the TWICE members.

The second black dress worn by Jihyo looks so simple and aesthetic. The design of this dress which has Shanghai collar with a rose-flower pattern, making Jihyo more beautiful.


Jihyo, who is the leader of TWICE, stepping out on the red carpet in a black mini-dress with an executive style. This black dress allowed her to look great for a formal occasion without losing her character.


Jihyo wore this black dress for a stage performance. It has simple lines, but the skirt with the long fringes gives a great sense of movement. Which dress do you like?

Nayeon in Black Dress


Nayeon looks sharp in the black dress above, and the long sleeves of lace suit her to the fullest. Don’t you agree?


During one live performance, Nayeon wore this black mini-dress with rhinestone accents. This style makes her look so elegant, yet sexy. What do you think?

Nayeon became a trainee in JYP in 2010 after secretly joining an audition. Before, she was  cast by JYP for a child model contest, but her mother refused to continue.


Nayeon come out in this semi-formal black dress, with pearl accents on the ribbon collar and pockets. This making her look cute and chic.


This black dress also gives an extra cute and elegant vibe with its polka dots and the embellishments on the bodice. This black dress makes her look so cool!


This black dress is the height of elegant simplicity, and makes her look super gorgeous. This is the kind of dress you could wear for a candlelight dinner or any dressy event What do you think?

Sana in Black Dress


Sana never fails to look amazing in whatever she wears. This black dress suits her entirely and gives her a lot of appeal. Fun fact: she is Japanese and got cast when she was out shopping with her friends.


The beautiful dress Sana is wearing takes her level of cuteness to the peak. Sana, who has optimistic character, looks perfect with this dress. So gorgeous, Sana!


Sana, who makes a hobby of making a perfume and body mist collection, appeared adorable wearing this black dress with a cutting edge.


This black mini-dress with the puffed shoulder on its one sleeve is typical stage dress. This black dress makes her seem much mature and sexy. Even though it may not show a transformed personality through this kind of design, but for performances it adds to her stage presence.

Momo in Black Dress

Momo is wearing a mini black dress that is also simple and elegant. This dress undoubtedly adds to her attractiveness. She loves pink, but wearing this black dress makes her look really cute.


Combined with her shorter hair, this simply cut black dress is adorable on her! Fun fact: Momo is Japanese and got cast after making a dance video with her sister, but her sister didn’t make it through.


We love this dress on her, it makes her look so charming and makes the most of her signature smile. Momo’s dance specialties are hip hop and urban, and she became a TWICE member because of her talented dancing.

Momo wore this lace, lingerie-look minidress to the Seoul Music Awards. Having so much exposed skin in this outfit made her look uncomfortable in winter season at that time. This dress earned her a lot of criticism, since it left her uncomfortable and freezing during the interview and photo session on the red carpet.

Mina in Black Dress

Mina, who is Japanese-American, was looking so beautiful wearing this uncomplicated black dress. It made look both powerful and pretty. Mina has calm personality and tends to be really quiet on public, and this simple, subtle dress was a great fit for her personality.


Mina wore a ruffled, black lace dress, making her bold character go down, yet was gorgeous on her.

This ballet-type stage dress looked so artsyand added to her character. As the main dancer for TWICE, she looked empowered wearing this kind of dress. Mina actually studied ballet for eleven years.


Mina wore a formal black dress that gave her mature charisma and elegance. Fun fact: she got cast while going shopping with her mom.


The design of this black dress empowered her personality, as well as adding a point to her strong style.