These Adorable Moments of TWICE and GOT7’s Friendship Will Make Your Heart Flutter!

twice & got7

The Remarkable Friendship between TWICE and GOT7!

Calling all of the ONCEs and Ahgases out there! If you are a part of them, you must have realized the strong bond between the girl group TWICE and the boy group GOT7! Do you want to know how adorable they are through their friendship? In this article, Channel Korea will give you a shred of TWICE and GOT7’s friendship moments, so stay tuned!

About TWICE and GOT7’s Friendship

twice & got7

TWICE is a girl group that formed through the survival show SIXTEEN and consists of 9 members. The group is also famously known for the cheerful musical tunes and colorful concepts. Meanwhile, GOT7 is a boy group consisting of 7 members with various skills, and they are rooted in the pop and hip-hop genre for its music.

So, what is the relationship between these two groups? Both TWICE and GOT7 were scouted under the same agency named JYP Entertainment. Even before their official debut, some of the members became trainees together, and that’s basically how they got to know each other.

twice & got7

After they debuted as K-pop groups, the friendship between TWICE and GOT7’s members remained the same! The fans most likely also recognize the strong friendship between them through pre-debut activities, public interactions, and showing off support for each other!

Let’s Take a Look at TWICE and GOT7’s Highlighted Moments Here!

twice & got7

Since GOT7 debuted first, they have been such good sunbaes for TWICE. But still, their interactions and closeness also suggest a comfortable and pleasant relationship! Here are some of the highlighted moments of TWICE and GOT7’s friendship that you need to see:

TWICE’s Nayeon and GOT7’s BamBam

twice's nayeon & got7's bambam

Through 2016’s MAMA (Mnet Asia Music Awards) backstage footage, Nayeon and Bambam showed off their interactions! When the cameraman asked whether they were close or not, Bambam and Nayeon excitedly claimed that they have known each other for more than 6 years. Nayeon also said that she used to buy him a lot of milk during their trainee days. Such a lovely memory, right?

TWICE’s Sana and GOT7’s Mark

mark sana twice got7

Sana and Mark also made fans go crazy over them since they have such an adorable friendship. Some of the fans ship them as a couple and named them “MARKSANA!” A quick fun fact, TWICE’s Sana appeared in GOT7’s “A” music video before her debut!

When TWICE and GOT7 attended the same event, Sana and Mark were caught up interacting by greeting each other, congratulating, and Mark also teased her on the stage! Well, do you think that Sana and Mark can be a couple sometime in the future?

TWICE’s Dahyun and GOT7’s JB

got7's jb & twice's dahyun

Just like Sana, Dahyun also appeared in GOT7’s music video entitled “Stop Stop It” before her debut! Through the MV, Dahyun acts like a girl who is liked by GOT7’s JB. When he was asked about Dahyun’s personality, JB said that Dahyun was like a little sister to him. When the groups appeared on Weekly Idol, JB also paid attention to Dahyun just like a brother to his sister!

TWICE and GOT7 on Weekly Idol

twice and got7 on 'weekly idol'

Through Weekly Idol programs, TWICE and GOT7 appeared together on Episode 261 and 262 (5th Anniversary Special with GOT7, BTOB, and Gfriend)! They made a bunch of cheerful moments with exciting games which made the fans feel very excited as well! One of them was the pole game where everyone has to pass a pole by looking down.

When TWICE’s Dahyun failed, all of the guests and cast members of Weekly Idol burst into laughter, including GOT7! Nayeon also failed, and even her actions made them surprised yet amused at the same time. Jeongyeon also failed. Meanwhile, Mina, Tzuyu, and Momo easily made it!

The moment when GOT7 did the 2x speed dance challenge, TWICE’s members watched them in awe. They couldn’t stop staring at them with their amazed faces as well!

TWICE and GOT7’s Performance of “Just Right” and “Like Ooh Ahh”

twice & got7

Have you watched the stage collaboration between TWICE and GOT7? If you haven’t, then hurry up and go watch it! In 2016, TWICE and GOT7 made a wonderful collaboration through “Just Right” and “Like Ooh Ahh” in a JYP Nation concert!

In the “Just Right” performance, TWICE and GOT7 appeared with matching styles- denim outfits! It was started by GOT7. Halfway through the song, TWICE continued the rest with the same vibrant atmosphere!

This also applied to the “Like Ooh Ahh” performance! TWICE started it, and in the middle of the song, GOT7 appeared and continued the performance together!

TWICE and GOT7’s Awesome Photoshoot

twice and got7's photoshoot for 'NBA'

TWICE and GOT7 also had a photoshoot session together in 2016! The famous sportswear brand NBA chose the two groups to promote their spring-summer campaign at the time. With the sporty and edgy looks, TWICE and GOT7’s members looked dope and fashionable!

Let’s take a look at some of their photos here:

twice and got7's photoshoot for 'NBA'
twice and got7's photoshoot for 'NBA'
twice and got7's photoshoot for 'NBA'

Fans’ Reaction about Their Friendship

twice & got7

Both ONCEs and Ahgases have always been supportive of the friendship between their idols! Every time TWICE and GOT7 have an interaction or are caught up in certain moments, they mostly praise them or notice every little detail of the members’ actions just like this:

“Can JYP just make Nayeon and Jinyoung a duet cause their voices suits each other”

“I’m still hoping for more Mark and Sana interactions”

“We don’t ship these two groups ‘cause they are siblings”

“I don’t ship but their friendship is amazing”

“I love their interactions, it’s so cute”

That’s a wrap for snippets of pleasant interactions from TWICE and GOT7’s friendship! Everyone must be envying the closeness and how strong their friendship is! The fact that they have known each other for ages also amazes the fans! What do you think about TWICE and GOT7’s friendship? Share your thoughts through the comments below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!