Let’s Find Out More About TWICE’s Activity in Japan

Twice’s Social Media Activity

As a popular K-Pop group, Twice maintain their interaction with fans by being active on Social Media or Fan Cafe. But don’t worry if you don’t have Twice’s fan cafe account, because you still can send messages as well as be updated on their activities on Instagram. But unfortunately, they don’t have individual Instagram accounts, instead, they share the account among all the members. Don’t worry, the account is run by Twice’s members themselves, and they post with their own hands! So let’s take a look at Twice’s activity on their Instagram, @twicetagram!

Leader Jihyo shared a cute selfie with ice cream. She’s so sweet just like the ice cream!

Nayeon shared a photo with a cute dog. Okay, who’s cuter, Nayeon or the dog? Hard to choose!

Do you miss Jungyeon’s long hair already? Well, let’s throwback to that time where Jungyeon shared a pretty selfie of her with her long hair!


An up-close photo of Momo because, why not??


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Sana never fails to impress us ONCE with her pretty pictures. What a cutie she is!

It’s rare to see Mina posting something on their Instagram account, but when she does, it’s always a pretty selfie!


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원스 ~!! 좋은 추억 고마워요 😊 선물 잘 받으셨나 …. ㅎㅎ

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Our tofu Dahyunnie shared a picture of her with her iconic green hair! Who misses this era?


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#TWICEDOMETOUR2019 #Dreamday 🥰

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Chaeyoung not only looks very pretty on this photo but also looks mature! Breathe if you agree!

What a clear picture of our visual and maknae Tzuyu. Even without filters, she still looks pretty and gorgeous, doesn’t she?

And lastly, the picture of 9 gorgeous members in one frame. Princesses or angels? Nah, it’s just Twice!


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TOKYO DOME 끝💕 나고야도 화이팅🌸 트와이스🥰

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Just by seeing their updates on Instagram can make us fall in love with Twice even deeper and harder. Make sure to follow Twice’s Instagram if you don’t already, so you will get a notification if they post something new!

Twice’s Latest Japan Activity News

In 2019, Twice broke another record as they became the first Korean girl group to have a Dome Tour in Japan. The tour that started in Osaka on March 21st, 2019, is called “Twice Dome Tour 2019 #Dream Day.” Not only in Osaka, Twice held five concerts in total that were held two times at Kyocera Dome, two times at Tokyo Dome, and Nagoya Dome as the last concert. After the last day of “Twice Dome Tour 2019 #Dream Day,” Twice focused on promotion in Korea as they released the first comeback in 2019, “Fancy” in an EP titled Fancy You.

Twice fancy

After their comeback with the song titled “Fancy” in April 2019 and doing a promotion for almost a month in Korea, Twice is going to release their 4th and 5th singles in Japan. In July 2019, Twice are scheduled to release two songs titled “Happy Happy” and “Breakthrough.” The fans are already excited for this comeback since Twice already released the teaser in April 2019, right after they ended the Dome tour in Nagoya.

This album also contains a Japanese version of the song “Fancy” which has already been released in April 2019. Let’s check out how good are Twice’s Japanese versions of the songs “Happy Happy” and “Breakthrough.”

As you can see, the girls are working really hard to promote the group in Japan, and all of it has been paying off nicely so far seen by the number of fans that give love to Twice in Japan. Let’s keep supporting Twice regardless of where they have promotional activities, in Korea, Japan, or even Internationally. Good luck, Twice! Cheers!