Several Times TVXQ Got Tired and Angry of Their Sasaeng Fans

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TVXQ Sets New Record As Foreign Artist With Most No.1’s In Oricon’s Weekly Album Charts

Another new record for TVXQ! Their tenth album, the full Japanese album ‘XV’, topped Oricon’s weekly’s album charts from October 14 to 20, with a total of 15.000 copies sold in its first week of release, marking the eighth time the group has topped the chart. Oricon, as Japan’s largest music statistics chart, announced that TVXQ has now became the foreign artist with the most number ones on the weekly album charts.

‘XV’ was released on October 16, and also to marks TVXQ’s 15th debut anniversary in Japan, and contains 15 tracks on the album. The album was also released on October 23 noon KST, on several Korean streaming sites.

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I hope this article also helps inform you about what the TVXQ members have been through these past years. As fans, we can also reflect that idol are human, as well. We have to keep a space between fans and idols. We also don’t have any authorization to control their lives, which only makes the artists suffer.

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