Several Times TVXQ Got Tired and Angry of Their Sasaeng Fans

Other Worst Acts By Sasaeng

tvxq changmin yunho sassaeng fans

There are many cases where these sasaeng fans put TVXQ in a uncomfortable situation or even in danger. Here are some the other events that we didn’t include before:

  • Followed Changmin, and after he alerted them from outside of the car, the sasaeng fans quickly rolled up their window and broke his pinky fingers.
  • Sneaking some lingerie sets into their bags.
  • Secretly ordered a bunch of chicken and pizza to DBSK’s apartment, and forcing them to pay their bills for them.
  • Sneaking into their apartment and kissing them while they were sleeping. Jaejoong once became their victim in this incident.
  • Sent menstrual blood to them as a present.
  • Several times caused them to get into a car accident. In 2005, the driver of TVXQ died in one of their accidents.
  • Used member’s social security numbers to sign into some various internet access, and stalked what the idol members had searched on the internet.