Several Times TVXQ Got Tired and Angry of Their Sasaeng Fans

Made A Copy of the Key to DBSK’s Apartment

The sasaeng fans of DBSK don’t stop, at all. They even do more dangerous and horrible acts. Many times, these crazy fans went to their apartment and made a of the key to enter the room. Some of them succeeded, but some of them didn’t.

The ones who actually managed to get into their apartment, usually take a picture of the room and keep it for themselves, searching for some important or private information that wasn’t released to the public.

Here are some of the creepy pictures that were taken by sasaeng fans while they were at DBSK’s apartment:

tvxq changmin yunho sassaeng fans
tvxq changmin yunho sassaeng fans
tvxq changmin yunho sassaeng fans

Changmin Followed By Sasaeng Taxi

tvxq changmin yunho sassaeng fans

Last year, on July 21, an old video of TVXQ’s Changmin went viral on the internet. A YouTube channel named ‘チャンミン’ uploaded a video where Changmin was dragging a sasaeng fan out of a taxi. As he roughly dragged the fan out, she fell on her knees on the pavement. It also shown that Changmin had an argument with the taxi driver, as well.

After the video began spreading through the internet, it became a hot topic in some various online communities. Netizens also debated on the topic and were split into groups. Some of them were not pleased by his actions, which were so disrespectful rude towards a woman, since his also a public figure.

On the other hand, other netizens were amazed by his courage and agreed with what he had done. They said its totally normal for a person to be angry and annoyed when several people keep following after them, try to hurt them, and stalk them non-stop.

Here is the footage video of Changmin, where he confronted the sasaeng fans and the taxi driver, below:

Getting Calls and Messages Even After Changing Number

tvxq changmin yunho sassaeng fans

These sasaeng also target the idols’ phones. This made TVXQ have to change their number many times, even sometimes having to replace their phones, as well. But those crazy fans were still able to search and find the new numbers right away.

Not only that, TVXQ’s sasaeng fans can even hijack their phones, as well! Usually, they want to know the idol’s phone call history and make sure they didn’t call any girls. The family members of the group also get targeted by crazy fans, who have often sent them random calls.

tvxq changmin yunho sassaeng fans

Former members of TVXQ, Hero Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun, give their honest words about phone and electronic devices being hijacked by the sasaeng fans:

“Apparently you can hack into hardwares. They know what i did, what music that I heard through the internet.” -Micky Yoochun.

“For instance, my cellphone just one day is randomly blocked or lost. They printed out the call list and they call my friends, to check if they are girls or not.” – Hero Jaejoong.