TVXQ’s Debut Date, Songs, and Stage Performances

The Beginning of K-Pop Legendary Group TVXQ

It is irrefutable that K-pop as a music genre has grown exponentially around the world. With the trend currently set by the younger idol groups such as EXO, BTS, TWICE, Red Velvet, and BLACKPINK, the majority of young K-pop fans do not recognize older artists as they are mostly busy with concert tours and comeback promotions that are usually known only by their fan club members, including the star of our article, TVXQ. Despite being still in their early 30s, TVXQ is already considered a veteran idol group as they already had their 15th anniversary last December. Moreover, TVXQ still promotes, though not as intense as in their early days.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about TVXQ’s debut as a quintet idol group starting with the date, song, and performance, as well as their Instagram feed and latest news. So, keep reading!

TVXQ’s Debut Date

Despite their undeniable status as a legendary group, the preparation to debut TVXQ actually took place in less than a year. Following SM Entertainment’s boy groups’s non-existence after the disbandment of H.O.T and Shinhwa’s departure, its main producer and founder Lee Soo-man quickly gained the idea to form a new boy group in order to fill the gap of artist in his company and to compete with other famous idol groups as K-pop market is recognized globally. Junsu, who was a trainee since 1997, is the first TVXQ member to be selected, followed by Yunho who already appeared as the rapper in debut track of CSJH’s Dana Diamond.

Jaejoong who auditioned in 2001 is included in the line-up of TVXQ, whereas the youngest member Changmin, who was being suggested to join the audition by his mother, is picked as the fourth member. Yoochun is the last member to be added, hence making TVXQ as a five-membered boy group. The boys already lived in the same dorm to build the chemistry between them and had a briefing for their debut, followed by training and rehearsals to enhance their skills. It was decided that the second oldest member Yunho will be the group’s leader and that the group will debut as DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki) which means as ‘Gods From The East’, whereas the group is internationally known as TVXQ. The five members debuted with their song Hug on the showcase of BoA and Britney Spears on December 26, 2003.

TVXQ’s Debut Songs

After finishing the preparation of their debut, TVXQ’s debut song Hug was performed for the first time at BoA’s showcase while the music video and the official release of the track were on January 14, 2004. The music video displayed each member’s appeal as teenage boys, such as Yunho who is seen with his American football outfit, Jaejoong who is holding a bucket of red roses, Yoochun who shaves his face, Junsu who writes a supposedly love letter, and Changmin who plays with a kitten. The appearance of actress Go Ara also strengthens the innocent vibe of the video which you may watch below.

In April 2005, TVXQ made a Japanese debut by the name Tohoshinki. They released their Japanese debut track Stay With Me Tonight after failing to enter the Japanese music market by the Japanese version of Hug.

Going for the easy listening pop dance as its genre, Stay With Me Tonight started by the harmonization of its five members. The song peaked Oricon Singles Chart at #37, an achievement which will be improved in the later stage of their career.

TVXQ’s Debut Stages

Prior to the release of the music video of Hug, TVXQ is already slated to perform in the showcase of their labelmate BoA with US singer Britney Spears. Opening their performance with the serene Oh Holy Night, the audiences are able to listen to the harmony of five TVXQ boys as they did the a cappella rendition, followed by their debut track Hug that soon attracted the potential fans which later known as Cassiopeia. Here you may watch the performance below!

Soon, TVXQ started their group activities by performing Hug in several music shows. On February 8, 2004, the boys performed Hug on SBS’s Inkigayo which remains as the longest-running music program in the public television broadcast.

Similar to their very first debut stage in BoA’s showcase, TVXQ performed Oh Holy Night and Hug during their appearance in MBC’s Music Camp. The performance got so much buzz from the audiences who attended the show as you can see in the video below!

Not only in their own country, but TVXQ also made a venture in Japan. After releasing the music video of Stay With Me Tonight, the boys performed the song for the first time at the annual summer music festival A-Nation in August 2005.

TVXQ’s Instagram Feed

Following the progressive state of social media these days, TVXQ also has its own account on Twitter and Instagram. While Twitter is used for the flash news of the group, Instagram is filled with the videos, especially behind the scenes of activities. Created on 31 July 2017, TVXQ’s Instagram account (@tvxq.smtown) has been verified and posted approximately 189 posts, gained 614,000 followers, and follows 3 accounts, namely the official account of SM Entertainment and the personal account of its members, Yunho and Changmin. Here are the top 10 of TVXQ’s Instagram Feed that you must see!

TVXQ’s Latest News

In their month’s anniversary in 2018, TVXQ released the special edition DVD of their three-day Japanese tour in June Begin Again in NISSAN STADIUM which successfully ranked at the top of Oricon’s weekly DVD chart. Combined by the total of DVD and Blu-ray sales, the record also marked as TVXQ’s tenth time in reigning the chart despite their status as a foreign artist.

Following the flourishing result in Japan, TVXQ also celebrated their 15th anniversary by releasing special album Chapter #2: The Truth of Love and the music video of the album’s title track Truth. Similar to the prior album Chapter #1: The Chance of Love, the latest album is filled with easy listening tracks and solo track of its members Yunho and Changmin, while the teasers showed each member’s charm and charisma as matured men. For the first time ever, TVXQ performed Truth in MBC’s year-end music festival Gayo Daejeon which you can watch below!

In mid-January, TVXQ announced that they will hold an encore concert in KSPO Dome, Seoul on March 9 and 10 CIRCLE #welcome. The fans will not only be able to watch TVXQ’s performance for their hit songs such as Mirotic, Catch Me, or The Chance of Love but also their latest release Truth, solo songs, and many more.

Reportedly, the sales of the concert ticket will be available on January 28 for the official members of Cassiopeia (TVXQ’s fan club) and January 30 for the general public. Are you interested to join the hype, dear readers?