Turn It Up (2019) by Twice


“Turn It Up”

Artist Twice
Album / Mini-album Fancy You
Release Date April 22, 2019
Length 3:08
Label JYP Entertainment
Songwriter Earattack and Sana
Composer Earattack and Louise Frick Sveen
Genre K-pop


In this article, we will talk about one song from Twice entitled “Turn It Up.” This song was included in the 7th extended play from Twice called Fancy You that was released by JYP Entertainment on April 22, 2019. The song is set as the 5th track in the EP while the lead single for the EP is “Fancy.”

Here is the full audio version of Twice’s “Turn It Up” that was uploaded on Twice’s official YouTube account:

Background of “Turn It Up”

JYP Entertainment released an announcement about Twice’s comeback for their 7th extended play called Fancy You on April 8, 2019. Alongside the comeback news, JYP Entertainment also announced that the group would have a world tour in some cities such as Seoul, Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Newark, Chicago, and Kuala Lumpur.

The EP consists of 6 songs with “Turn It Up” set as the 5th track. Four members of Twice, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, and Chaeyoung, participated in the EP as songwriters for 4 different songs. The lyrics of “Turn It Up” were written by Sana together with Earattack. The highlight medley for the EP was released on April 20, 2019, with “Turn It Up” included as the 5th track.

Here are some of the teaser photos of “Turn It Up” by Twice

Chaeyoung, Momo, Jihyo, Tzuyu, and Nayeon


Chaeyoung, Momo, and Tzuyu


Dahyun, Sana, and Jeongyeon


Mina, Dahyun, Sana, and Jeongyeon


Mina, Nayeon, and Jihyo


Story of “Turn It Up”

Together with Earattack, Sana co-wrote the lyrics for “Turn It Up” which is included in Twice’s 7th extended play called Fancy You which was released on April 22, 2019, by JYP Entertainment. The composers for this song were Earattack and Louise Frick Sveen. Earattack and Larmook were the ones who did the arrangement. The song was set as the 5th track among a total of 6 songs in the EP.

Based on the lyrics, this song shows the feelings of a woman who is in love. The lyrics also show how she attracts the attention of her romantic interest with a hint of seduction.

The genre of this song is pop dance.

MV of “Turn It Up”

“Turn It Up” by Twice does not have an official MV released by JYP Entertainment, but they do have a special MV that was released on the concert for the VCR.
Here is the special MV of “Turn It Up” by Twice:

Here are the lyrics of “Turn It Up” by Twice on a video made by fans:

“Turn It Up” Performance

“Turn It Up” by Twice has never been sung live on any TV shows or concerts, but we have found the live audio version that sounds like singing at a concert. Maybe this can be an option.

“Turn It Up” Achievements

Included in Twice’s 7th extended play Fancy You that was released by JYP Entertainment on April 22, 2019, the song “Turn It Up” is the 5th track and achieved many things on music charts.

Here are the details of the “Turn It Up” achievements on song charts.

Song Charts

Chart Date Peak Position
Line Music Top 100 April 22, 2019 5
Genie April 23, 2019 104
Bugs April 23, 2019 26
Soribada April 23, 2019 40
Mu-mo Streaming Chart April 24, 2019 44
Spotify April 28, 2019 Stream (696,639)
Home Shopping Awards December 31, 2019 9