True or Not: Han Ye-seul Had Plastic Surgery? A Photo Comparison

Han Ye-seul’s Botched Surgery

Han Ye-seul has been a hot topic of discussion among netizens, after an Instagram post she made went viral. In April, 2018, she posted a photo of a botched surgery scar, with a disappointed caption, saying she felt frustrated by a medical accident that happened after she had surgery.

han ye seul

Apparently she had a lipoma surgery in a hospital in Gangnam, but the scar from the surgery appears very poorly sewn. The surgery was below her left armpit, in order to hide the scar, but it turns that there was a failure during the procedure. Lipoma surgery is done to remove fat between the skin and underlying muscle. Han Ye-seul said, in her caption,  that it had been two weeks since the surgery, but there have been no explanations or any compensation from the hospital, and she felt frustrated going into treatment.

The representative from CHA Hospital, where Han Ye-seul had the surgery, finally gave their official statement and apology for the complication. The accident occurred when they were removing the lipoma, accidentally leaving burned skin, and the doctor failed to use skin grafts to cover the wound. The hospital said that the scar would be minimized using plastic surgery, and the hospital promised to give their best efforts for dealing with the issue.

After her stitches were removed, she was transferred to a specialized hospital to receive treatment for the burn. Many netizens expressed their sympathy for the actress, as they urged the hospital to take responsibility, and give their support to Han- Ye-seul. The actress eventually deleted the post, but people keep sending her messages of support.