True or Not: Han Ye-seul Had Plastic Surgery? A Photo Comparison

Before and After, Han Ye-seul’s Surgery

Just like the other Korean celebrities, Han Ye-seul has been alleged to have had plastic surgery. In one interview after her comeback, Han Ye-seul was asked about whether she had body parts that she wanted to improve. She replied that there weren’t, and she was satisfied with her appearance.

She said more than her physical appearances, she would prefer to change her image. People tend to see her as very feminine, but the actress said that she’d prefer to seem more androgynous and charismatic, as she thinks it’s more unique and will get more attention.

Even so, many netizens have compared past photos with more recent photos, which seem to show a slight difference with her eyes. Here’s photos of Han Ye-seul, pre-debut and now.

han ye seul
han ye seul
han ye seul

The actress’s older photos clearly showed a small and narrow eye, but in her recent photos, her eyes are more wide-open and beautiful, causing speculation that she may have had eyelid surgery. As for her nose, it seems like she’s confident enough with her natural form, as there’s no apparent changes there.