True or Not: Han Ye-seul Had Plastic Surgery? A Photo Comparison

han ye seul

The Actress Han Ye-seul

Han Ye-seul is an American-South Korean actress and model. She was born on September 18, 1981, in Los Angeles, California, and her birth name is Leslie Kim. Fluent in both English and Korean, Han Ye-seul has a degree in Computer Graphics which she received from Cerritos College.

Han Ye-seul made her debut as a model after winning the SBS Supermodel Contest in 2001. She changed her name into Han Ye-seul after making her acting debut. She became naturalized, and changed her citizenship to Korean in 2004 so she to pursue her career. The actress started dating YG Entertainment producer Teddy Park in May, 2013, but the couple broke up on October 24, 2016, after  a 3-year relationship, due to busy schedules. That’s the official story, anyhow, but some sources suggest the reason for their split-up was really because of  Han Ye-seul’s possessive and jealous behavior.

Han Ye-seul’s Career

han ye seul

Han Ye-seul made her start as a model in 2001. Two years later, she made her acting debut with appearances on the sitcom Nonstop 4. Early in her career the quality of her acting was criticized as being not up to par, but she proved her critics wrong through the comedy drama Fantasy Couple in 2006. Her portrayal of an heiress who has amnesia gained people’s recognition for her comedic timing.

In 2007, Han Ye-seul played her first role in a comedy film, Gold Digger, and won a Best New Actress award in the prestigious Grand Bell Awards and the Blue Dragon Film Awards. After that, Han Ye-seul has played the main lead in several dramas. There was some controversy in 2011, when she played a North Korean agent in Spy Myung Wol. The actress was showing some undisciplined behavior, not showing up for her filming schedule, and instead flying to Los Angeles. Her agency said her behavior was the result of the hectic filming schedule. Han Ye-seul recieved criticism from both professionals and viewers, but many fans defended her, saying that fault was with the harsh production schedule. Han returned to Korea three days later, and finished the drama. When shooting was over, Han Ye-seul went on three-year hiatus, returning with the drama Birth of Beauty in 2014, which became a hit.

han ye seul