TROY’s Kanto’s Full Profile and Fun Facts

TROY's Kanto

Everything You Need To Know About TROY’s Youngest Member, Choi Kwang-ryul a.k.a Kanto!

The K-pop industry has many stars, also known as K-pop idols, who debut in various groups, whether boy groups or girl groups. Not only that but K-pop groups are also divided into several different genres according to the passion of each member. In this article, we will get to know one of the members of a hip hop group under Brand New Music, TROY.

Do you know one of the members of TROY, Kanto? If you don’t know him, make sure you don’t skip any information below about TROY’s Kanto including his full profile, fun facts, appearance on some TV shows such as The Unit and Show Me the Money, and his discography as a soloist in the article below!

TROY’s Kanto’s Full Profile

TROY's Kanto

Real Name: Choi Kwang-ryul (Hangul: 최광렬)

Stage Name: Kanto (Hangul: 칸토)

Birth: Seoul, South Korea, May 23, 1994

Star Sign: Gemini

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Blood Type: A

Position in the Group: Maknae and Rapper

Agency: Brand New Music

Nationality: Korean

Official Sites:

TROY’s Kanto’s Fun Facts

TROY's Kanto
  1. TROY’s Kanto collaborated with SEVENTEEN’s Woozi for a song called “Yosm”
  2. TROY’s Kanto sang an OST for Potato Star 2013qr3
  3. TROY’s Kanto debuted as a soloist with the single “What You Want” on October 25, 2013
  4. TROY’s Kanto debuted as a member of the hip hop and R&B group Troy in 2014
  5. TROY’s Kanto was a participant of The Unit and received 5 boots
  6. TROY’s Kanto is friends with KHAN‘s Euna Kim who was also a participant of The Unit
  7. TROY’s Kanto was a participant in Show Me the Money Season 2
  8. TROY’s Kanto calls his fans Tono
  9. TROY’s Kanto participated in the 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge by being nominated by UNB’s Euijin
  10. TROY’s Kanto is featured on Park Hong’s single titled “Silly Boy” that was released on November 26, 2021

TROY’s Kanto’s Appearance on The Unit

TROY's Kanto

In October 2017, Kanto participated in KBS’ Idol Reboot Project- The Unit as a contestant and was initially in the top 9 of the debut group but was eliminated after falling behind 20th place at the 3rd unit announcement ceremony.

Kanto showed off his presence on the KBS idol reboot project The Unit which gathered hot topics with the mission of releasing a new song. With his unique cavernous low-pitched voice, he made viewers fall in love by revealing his hidden singing skills as well as his rapping skills.

Previously, Kanto imprinted his face on viewers as the owner of unusual skills from the first boot stage. After that, he was recognized for his abilities by fully demonstrating his skills in his position in every mission.

In particular, in the last song release mission, he chose “No Way” and took out his hidden vocal skills. He was usually in charge of the rap part and received high praise from his senior Hwang Chi-yeol. With a charming low-pitched voice, he showed his potential as a vocalist as he received favorable reviews like “a lotus flower bloomed in a hard life.”

In addition, Kanto, who announced the start of the stage with a low-pitched voice that captivated many people’s ears, occupied the small screen with his changing eyes and unrivaled charisma. After the stage was over, Kanto received the best praise from Rain from the senior corps that the vocals were a godsend and at the same time took 1st place in the team and received the spotlight.

In this way, after having a position as a rapper, Kanto threw a new game by making unit makers excited with a voice color with a distinct personality. As a result, unit makers who have lost their minds to Kanto started to appear, raising expectations for his future.

TROY's Kanto

On May 15, 2018, Kanto held an interview with Daily Sports after returning to his main job after 1 year and 8 months. He returned to his repetitive routine of working and singing, but his mindset was different from before.

Kanto, who gained new experience by challenging the KBS2 idol boot project The Unit, further solidified his identity as a rapper. He said, “These were the times when I did my best so that I didn’t have any regrets. I was able to nurture my dream of becoming an icon that is more than just a rapper.”

“Rappers usually don’t practice dancing separately, but I’m interested in dancing, so I learned it for a long time. Of course, I didn’t invest a long time professionally like an idol, but thanks to the experience I learned, I was able to work on the program well,” Kanto said about his dancing ability that shined bright throughout the show.

TROY's Kanto

When the reporter asked him, “Were you originally dreaming of becoming an idol?” he answered, “No. I joined the agency when I was in my sophomore year in high school, and then the company suggested that I learn to dance. I wanted to become a rapper, so of course, I didn’t like it [laughs]. I fell into that persuasion and started learning dance, but it was fun doing it.”

Kanto also shared about his experience of becoming a contestant on The Unit, saying “I thought a lot and decided to appear. I was worried because I wasn’t an idol. I went to the audition and met everyone for the first time. Most of them were people I knew while promoting or appeared in groups, but it was awkward because I was alone. At that time, I felt awkward. I remember being well taken care of.”

TROY's Kanto

“It felt good to get compliments on rapping and dancing and singing that I didn’t even think about. Especially, I remember what Rain said. When the camera was turned off, I praised him for saying, ‘Kanto-ya, my wife likes your voice.’ Did it,” he said as some of the most memorable compliments that his mentor gave during his appearance on The Unit.

Kanto also revealed that he actually gained something from his appearance on The Unit, saying, “My original dream is to become an icon that goes beyond a simple rapper. I have been thinking of singing and dancing and wanting to show various talents on stage. I think The Unit was a window where I could show my talent and bring synergy. I thought it was a long broadcast, and I did my best not to feel regret or embarrassment when I saw it later.”