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TROY’s Bumkey’s Marriage

TROY's Bumkey

On April 15, 2014, Bumkey posted on his fan café, “There is something I want to reveal here today. Some radios and media have revealed that I have a girlfriend, but I’m getting married.”

Bumkey appeared on the live broadcast of MBC Standard FM’s Shindong’s Simsimtapa in August 2013 and revealed that he has a girlfriend. At that time, Bumkey said, “I’ve known her since I was a child 7 years ago.”

Bumkey’s bride-to-be is a year older than Bumkey and is a music producer and professor at the College of Arts. The wedding was held on June 13, 2014, at The Laville in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Netizens responded to the news of Bumkey’s marriage, stating “Bumkey’s marriage, congratulations,” “Bumkey’s marriage, the producer got a bride,” “Bumkey’s marriage, a lot of celebrities are getting married these days.”

TROY's Bumkey

A representative from his music agency revealed on June 11, 2014, “Bumkey’s fiancé is Kang Da-hye who participated in the 2009 talented trio group Planet Shiver as an original member and performed various activities and promotions back then.”

Kang Da-hye, who left the group after releasing 2 albums in Planet Shiver in 2009, has been active as DJ Dahye in the electronic music industry in South Korea. She also has been in the spotlight as a representative female DJ.

It is said that Kang Da-hye was popular as one of the few female DJs and musicians in the domestic electronic music genre. DJ Dahye is also featured in the hip hop group Epik High’s song “Fly Higher.”

TROY's Bumkey

Kang Da-hye completed her master’s degree in Music Engineering at the Graduate School of Performing Arts at Ewha Womans University and is still working in music production and nurturing her juniors. She is also living happily with her husband, Bumkey, who often exchanges music with her.

The happy couple, Bumkey and Kang Dahye, have a unique love story of dating 7 years ago, breaking up, and reuniting again in 2013 on the premise of marriage.

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