Throwback to Hyuna and Hyunseung’s Sexy Duo, ‘Trouble Maker’!

Once Reportedly Dating Each Other

Before dating E’Dawn, there were various rumors about Hyuna dating some of the popular Korean idols, such as MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, VIXX’s Ravi, EXO’s Sehun, Zico, and Hyunseung.

It was conceivable for many people to speculate about the love relationship between Hyuna and Hyunseung. Just say, their chemistry either on the stage or in the MV was really impressive. Even, both of them didn’t hesitate to show their intimacy in public.

The dating news of Hyuna and Hyunseung was first circulated after their photos at the backstage were floated on the internet. The photos were titled “Hyuna and Hyunseung were holding hands at the backstage.”

Not only holding hands, but they also were seen conversing by whispering. Maybe it was because the stage’s condition that was really noisy.

Uniquely, most of their fans instead supported them in dating. In some forums posts with the following content appeared, “It’s hard to determine whether they are dating or not,” and “They will be a cute couple, just be dating!” said some of the netizens.

Unfortunately, the rumor was not true. They looked like in a love relationship just because of their stage performances and their songs required them acting like lovers.

Looks More Intimate with E’Dawn

The rumors about Hyuna dating some Korean idols had passed. Nowadays, Hyuna and E’Dawn look more intimate with each other. It can easily be seen on their Instagram accounts that they are still celebrating their birthday together this year.

It’s also known that after both of them were discharged from CUBE Entertainment, they signed an exclusive contract with P NATION, an entertainment agency that is founded by PSY.

The news was announced by PSY himself through his Instagram account, @42psy42. He initially uploaded a photo showing two hands with ink on each thumb, as the proof that the contract had just been signed.

PSY then uploaded one more photo with Hyuna and E’Dawn with a simple caption.

“#welcome @hyunah_aa @hyojong_1994#hyunah #edawn #pnation”, said PSY.

In the photo, PSY embraces Hyuna and E’Dawn while smiling. Whilst, Hyuna is holding on a big envelope and E’Dawn is looking at the camera while showing his thin smile.

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