Get To Know More About Tritop’s Ilgoon’s Profile, Fun Facts, Visual, and More!

Tritops' Ilgoon profile

Everything You Should Know About Tritops’ Main Vocalist Kim Il-goon!

A K-pop boy group that made its debut in 2007, Tritops (Hangul: 트리탑스) has a career that is well known by their fans and arguably had a long journey to maintain their popularity in the music industry. Even though the competition in the entertainment industry is quite tight, Tritops is trying hard to keep working for the sake of its fans until now.

Likewise with one of the original members of Tritops, Kim Il-goon, who entered in and out of this group and arguably continues to do his best to maintain his career. Let’s get to know more about Tritops’ Il-goon starting from his full profile, fun facts, until his latest news in this article below!

Tritop’s Ilgoon’s Full Profile

Real Name: Kim Il-goon (Hangul: 김일군)

Stage Name: Il-goon (Hangul: 일군)

Birth: December 2, 1986

Star Sign: Sagitarius

Height: 182 cm (5’11”)

Blood Type: AB

Position in the Group: Main Vocalist

Nationality: Korean

Official Site:

Tritop’s Ilgoon’s Fun Facts
  1. Tritops’ Ilgoon’s hobby is sleeping
  2. Tritops’ Ilgoon is good at water sports
  3. Tritops’ Ilgoon completed his military service
  4. Tritops’ Ilgoon is featured in StillPM’s “Canada Girl”
  5. Tritops’ Ilgoon left to pursue a solo career in 2009
  6. Tritops’ Ilgoon re-joined the group in 2013

Tritop’s Ilgoon’s Visual

When talking about visuals, the South Korean entertainment industry and every idol who debuts certainly has a different beauty or good looks. However, it is not foreign if we see them with a perfect appearance without the slightest ugliness.

For that, let’s get to know Tritops’ Il-goon’s visual to get to know more about his appearance in this session below!

Tritops’ Il-goon is one of the members who has quite handsome visuals and looks shining with his own charisma. In the picture above, you can see Tritops’ Il-goon who is wearing a traditional and handsome costume with quite messy hair in one of the events being held at that time. He seemed focused in a short interview on stage while holding the mic.

Currently, Tritops does not have any plans in the future to release songs. However, some members including Tritops’ Il-goon are still active in uploading some of the latest pictures on their Instagrams. In the picture above with a black and white filter, the idol who made his debut in 2007 still looks very handsome and has the charm of a K-pop star with a pose like this, right?

Age is not something that has an important influence on idol appearance. Those who are over 30 years old like Tritops’ Il-goon are still handsome and fit to wear outfits like K-pop male idols these days. You don’t have to wear an outfit with a formal concept, but this outfit that was worn by Tritops’ Il-goon looks very good on him and gives boyfriend material vibes from him!

Not only performing with boyfriend material vibes but Tritops’ Il-goon is also an animal lover! You can visit Tritops’ Il-goon’s Instagram account and find some pictures of his lovely dog. From the picture above, we can see the moment when Tritops’ Il-goon is playing with his pet. They are both very cute together, right? He also looks very handsome with the winter outfit he is wearing and seems very warm during the windy season.

The picture above was taken during Tritops’ promotion days. As you can see from the picture above, Tritops’ Il-goon is looking so handsome and young while wearing the denim outfit and is very different because he looks so fierce and badass in this picture.

Besides that, you can also see his very cool hairstyle in silvery blond which increasingly exudes his visual as a charming K-pop idol. For men who want to find outfit inspirations, you can follow Tritops’ Il-goon’s outfit in this picture!

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