Check out Triple H’s Instagram Feeds, a Co-Ed Group Consisting of Hyuna, Pentagon’s E’Dawn, and Pentagon’s Hui!


Learn More About Triple H

Cube Entertainment is one of the oldest agencies in the Korean entertainment agency. They have debuted plenty of famous groups, such as B2ST, 4Minute, CLC, PENTAGON, and (G)I-DLE. Beside boy- and girl-groups, Cube Entertainment is also known for their co-ed unit of idols. Theyve debuted Troublemaker, a group with HyunA and Hyun-seung, an ex-member of B2ST (currently named HIGHLIGHT). The co-ed unit Troublemaker gained a lot of popularity because of their dark and sexy concept, which was very fresh and addicting.

Another of Cube Entertainment’s co-ed units is none other than Triple H. This co-ed group consists of HyunA and two members of Pentagon, Hui and E’dawn. Let’s get to know them better!

Tripe H Members Profile

  1. Members: HyunA, Hui, E’dawn
  2. Debut: May, 2017
  3. Debut single: 365 Fresh

Triple H gained a lot of popularity in a short time because of their unique, retro music style. They also caught attention because of the group’s unique formation, and the members are all the current hit idols in the industry.


In the middle of 2018, they made a comeback with Retro Future, which was released on July 18, 2018. This comeback brought back that retro vibe even more strongly, through the music, choreography, and fashion style.


Triple H Instagram

Like other idols and groups, Triple H also has its own official Instagram account (@cube_triple_h) to communicate with their fans. They used it to upload pictures in the middle of their daily activities, promotions, or just to let their fans know what they are doing. Sadly, after the scandals that surrounded them last year, their Instagram account was rendered inactive on July 31st, when their schedules cut off. Check out their last post on Instagram:


HyunA and E’dawn were recently confirmed to be leaving the agency, which means Triple H won’t be having any more comebacks and promotions in the future. But don’t worry, Triple H fans, you guys still can catch up with their activities on their personal Instagram accounts.

  1. Hyuna @hyunah_aa

2. Hyojong (E’dawn) @hyojong_1994

3. Hui @cube_ptg

Hui doesn’t have a personal Instagram, he’s communicating with his fans through Pentagon’s official Instagram account.