Treasure’s Yedam: Profile, Pre-Debut Song “Wayo,” Etc.

Treasure’s Yedam’s Performances on Stage


August 2020 marked a meaningful moment for Yedam and other Treasure members. After they prepared a lot for their debut, they finally showed the world their skills as performers. Even though some of them were still in high school, they still competed with the adults. Even though they were young, their talent is beyond amazing.

But, their debut day passed several months ago. Yedam and the other members have made comeback songs and performed them on music shows. How about seeing how good the Treasure boys are at performing their songs?

And now, to see more of Yedam’s performances, let’s see the videos that focus on Yedam only so we can adore his dancing and singing ability!

What do you think of Yedam’s performances? He looks cool on stage, right?

Treasure’s Yedam’s Wayo


Even though most K-pop idols debut in a group, it’s not rare for them to have a solo project after they debut with their group. G-Dragon who is the leader of BIGBANG made his solo debut and reached success with his solo songs including “Crayon,” “That XX,” and “Crooked.” Other BIGBANG members have also made their solo debuts including Taeyang with “Wedding Dress,” “Eyes Nose Lips,” and “Ringga Lingga,” and Daesung who succeeded his solo debut in Japan.

But, Yedam’s case is quite different from his seniors in YG Entertainment. Usually, K-pop idols who debut in a group make their solo debut after they are successful with their group. As for Yedam, he released a solo single months before Treasure’s debut.

In May 2020, YG Entertainment released an announcement of Yedam’s solo debut. He released a digital single a few weeks after. Shortly after that, on June 5, 2020, Yedam’s solo song called “Wayo” was uploaded to the public.

Even though this is his solo debut, YG Entertainment still wrote the title “Yedam of Treasure” on the music video so everyone would remember that he is part of Treasure.

Yedam also sang this song with members of Treasure and his senior in YG Entertainment, Lee Suhyun from Akdong Musician.

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Treasure’s Yedam’s Celebrity Friends: Stray Kids’ Jeongin and AB6IX’s Daehwi


Yedam is such a caring and understanding friend to his members. Since he was trained for almost ten years, he knows a lot about how hard the K-pop industry is, especially for his members who came from far away such as Japan or outside Seoul. No wonder Yedam, who is not the oldest nor the youngest, can reach the other members who are older or younger than him.

But, his friendly personality doesn’t only apply to the members. He also made friends with other K-pop idols from different K-pop groups including Jeongin or I.N from Stray Kids and Daehwi from AB6IX.

The appearance of I.N in “Wayo”‘s teaser shocked everyone. It’s normal to see Lee Sung-kyung, Somi, or Rosé in the video since they came from YG Entertainment and Black Label. But, I.N is a Stray Kids member, so no one expected to see him, in a good way.

It turned out that Jeongin was Yedam’s classmate in Seoul of Performing Arts. Jeongin is a year older than Yedam, but since he had to prepare for the debut, he was in the same class as Yedam. No wonder they are friends. They are also in the same class photo together.


The two of them are so talented. Do you think they will make a good collaboration? Let’s hope they will do that in the future.


As for Daehwi of AB6IX, instead of friends, Yedam is actually a second cousin of Daehwi. There was a fan who met Daehwi in Yedam’s school and said that Daehwi wanted to meet Yedam. Both of their families have good genes in music since Daehwi and Yedam are both talented.


We have reached the end of the article about Bang Yedam from Treasure. After knowing his talent, the long journey of his pre-debut story, and even the time when he finally debuted with his members in Treasure, we can’t help but fall in love with him even more, right? Are you looking forward to Yedam and Treasure in the future? Let’s wait, and don’t forget to cheer for them for their projects ahead.