Treasure’s Doyoung: Profile, Birthday, Pre-Debut, Etc.

Treasure Doyoung’s Performances on Stage


We have seen the debut era of Doyoung along with his team members in Treasure. Just months after they made their debut, Doyoung and other Treasure members did a comeback. Since they have been trained for years, their performances are getting better and better with each comeback.

Let’s see the stage performances of Treasure in music shows!

As expected from YG Entertainment’s new boy group. Their talent is not different from their seniors in the same agency, BIGBANG, IKON, and WINNER.

And for now, let’s see the performance of Doyoung alone in music shows. No, we’re not talking about his solo performance. Instead, it’s videos that focus on Doyoung only when he performed with Treasure. Check them out below!

What do you think of Doyoung’s performances? We can’t tell that he’s young if we see his performances, right? He looks like a pro!

Treasure Doyoung’s Braces


Doyoung is in the age of puberty. Some of you who are the same age as him or were his age have probably tried this before. What we mean are braces. Well, not everyone in their teenage years wears braces, though. But, there are some who use them to fix their teeth or jaws’ position.

And, braces are applied for K-pop idols too. As for Doyoung, he is one of the idols who wear braces. Other K-pop idols who are known for their braces are I.N of Stray Kids, Jang Wonyoung of IZ*ONE, and Sanha of Astro.

Even though he used braces when he was still a trainee, Doyoung now uses lingual braces instead of the normal ones. This means that the braces that he uses can’t be seen when he smiles unless we see the back of his teeth.

Not only Doyoung, but Haruto and Jeongwoo wear these, too.

What do you think of Doyoung’s braces? He looks even cuter, right?

Treasure Doyoung and NCT’s Doyoung: The Battle Between the Fans


If you see the name Doyoung, there might be some faces that cross your mind including Doyoung from Treasure and Doyoung from NCT. They are different people in different boy groups. The two of them were born in different eras, too. Doyoung from NCT is older than Doyoung from Treasure- he was born in 1996.

It’s normal in K-pop to share the same name. Just like in other countries, there are some celebrities who have the same names as other celebrities since they have a common name. Even in K-pop, there are some idols who share the same names such as Minhyuk, Mina, Mark, Wooseok, etc.

But, it seems like a big deal for some fans.

It started when NCT used a hashtag icon for every members’ name. So, each member has his face next to his hashtag. Unfortunately, Treasure’s Doyoung’s fans were angry since their Doyoung uses the hashtag Doyoung, too.


It made the hashtag show a different hashtag instead. Treasure’s fans wanted SM Entertainment to have the hashtag changed to #NCT_DOYOUNG instead of just Doyoung. Not to mention, they are both Kim Doyoung. Even if SM Entertainment changed it to Kim Doyoung, it would still be the same issue.

What do you think about this issue? Do you think that the argument between the two fandoms is necessary? Hopefully, the two idols can meet up and become friends so their fans can become friends, too.


We have reached the end of the article about Doyoung from Treasure. Now that we see how the young Doyoung started his career as a trainee at a young age, it is no wonder that he turned into a talented idol. Not only does he have a handsome and cute face, but he also has great skills in singing and dancing. Which of his charms do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments, please.