Treasure’s Yoshi: Profile, Birthday, Sisters, Etc.

Treasure’s Yoshi’s Performances on Stage


Treasure might be a group that debuted only a year ago, but that doesn’t mean that their skills are so-so. Well, then again, Yoshi has been a trainee for around four years. It is the same for the other members, too. They have trained for several years. Not to mention, they performed so well on YG Treasure Box, so it is no wonder they could show us beyond amazing performances during each promotion of their new song.

Now, it’s time to see the stages of Treasure on some music shows!

Now that we have heard various types of Treasure’s songs, we know that Treasure has made good songs. YG Entertainment allowed the members to participate in making the songs and lyrics. We can’t wait to see Yoshi’s projects with other Treasure members!

Anyway, we have seen the performances of Treasure on music shows. It’s kind of hard to focus only on Yoshi because the other members are attractive, too. So, it’s time to see the performances that focus on Yoshi only in some music shows!

What do you think about Yoshi and Treasure’s performances? As expected from YG Entertainment, they surely will make it big like their seniors BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKon.

Treasure Yoshi’s Abs

Yoshi might be looking like a cute guy, but he has something that can make the fans scream. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Because yes, it’s about the popular culture in the K-pop industry where fans are going crazy over idols’ abs.

Well, of course, who wouldn’t?

However, Yoshi isn’t one who likes to show his abs in front of the fans. That’s too bad! But, fans are finding a way to see if Yoshi has abs or if he wants to show us his abs later or not.

What do you think about Yoshi’s abs? Bulked Yoshi, we’ll be patiently waiting for you!

Treasure Yoshi’s Family: Parents and Sisters


We talked a bit about Yoshi’s family in his pre-debut era. Yoshi came from a big family in Japan. His family is filled with four lovely children. Yoshi has three older sisters, and he is the youngest and the only son in the family. As the youngest, Yoshi is filled with love from his older sisters and parents.

When Yoshi was a child, his father always took care of him. His father helped him learn things and made him become a strong child. However, when Yoshi was in 7th grade or the first year of middle school, his father passed away. Yoshi, as the only man in his family, promised to take care of his older sisters and his mother.

treasure yoshi

One of the reasons that Yoshi trained so hard to be a K-pop idol is because of his family. Even though living in Korea made him live separately from his family, at least as long as Yoshi is doing well and can reach his dream, his family is happy and proud of him.


Well, it has been a great journey to learn more about Yoshinori from Treasure. He’s indeed such a talented and good boy. Yoshi can dance and rap well. He’s also a good kid and a family man. Who in their right mind can dislike this boy? Let’s show support and love towards Yoshi by giving him messages in the comment section below!