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Get To Know More About Treasure’s MBTI And Their Personality

Treasure, a boy group under YG Entertainment, shared the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality type. Despite being a large group with 12 members, all of Treasure’s members-only fit 5 MBTI types. For your information, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a test designed to find out a general picture of a person’s personality, strengths, and preferences.

Here’s the list of Treasure’s MBTI results that you should know :

Name MBTI Type
Treasure’s Choi Hyunsuk ENFP
Treasure’s Jihoon ENTJ
Treasure’s Yoshi INFP


Treasure’s Junkyu
Treasure’s Mashiho ENFP
Treasure’s Yoon Jae-hyuk INFP



Treasure’s Asahi
Treasure’s Bang Yedam
Treasure’s Doyoung ENTJ
Treasure’s Haruto ISFP


Treasure’s Park Jung-woo
Treasure’s So Jung-hwan ENFP-T


So, do you want to know about Treasure’s member’s personalities based on the MBTI test they took? Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about it in the article below!

Treasure’s Choi Hyunsuk’s MBTI Is ENFP

TREASURE's Choi Hyunsuk's MBTI

Treasure’s leader, Choi Hyunsuk, is an ENFP. From the results of the MBTI test he took, ENFP stands for Extroverted, Sensing Feeling, and Perceiving. People with the ESFP personality can probably be called the most extroverted personality.

In addition to being an entertainer, Treasure’s Choi Hyunsuk also has an important position in his own group. And of course, Treasure’s Choi Hyunsuk will also be happy to always spend time with his members.

Treasure’s Jihoon’s MBTI Is ENTJ


Treasure’s Jihoon is known as the lead vocalist of the group. He is an ENTJ, which means Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging. The character of the ENTJ usually tends to be soft-hearted, loyal, friendly, and organized. He really likes to help other people, especially those around him.

According to the members, he is the strongest in Treasure. This is proof that the character of ENTJ is also applied to Treasure’s Jihoon’s character because the meaning of strongest member also means he can take care of the members’ feelings well.

Treasure’s Yoshi’s MBTI Is INFP


Treasure’s Yoshi is one of the Japanese lines in the group. He is the INFP, which consists of Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. People with the INFP personality type are usually idealists, and perfectionists, and have a high human spirit.

The INFP character is nicknamed ‘The Mediator’ because he wants everything to look perfect. Not only that, but Treasure’s Yoshi is also the most talkative member according to his group because he is ‘The Mediator’.

Treasure’s Junkyu’s MBTI Is INFP


Treasure’s Junkyu also has the same MBTI as Treasure’s Yoshi, which is INFP. INFPs have a mediator personality. He likes to look for the good in every opportunity or even in every bad thing.

When the INFP finds a person with similar tendencies, the INFP will highlight harmony, fun, and inspiration. As an INFP, Treasure’s Junkyu also shows his passion and ambition as he trained for 7 years and finally debuted as a K-Pop idol.

Treasure’s Mashiho’s MBTI Is ENFP


Besides Treasure’s Yoshi and Junkyu, there are other members who get the same result when it comes to MBTI. He is Treasure’s Mashiho and Choi Hyun-suk. As an ENFP, he likes abstract things and is more concerned with personal considerations than logic, and has a true free spirit.

In Treasure’s Mashiho character, the ENFP that can be seen in him is his ambition to want to become a singer that helps people have fun and enjoy themselves.

Treasure’s Yoon Jae-hyuk’s MBTI Is INFP

TREASURE's Yoon Jae-hyuk's MBTI

Treasure’s Yoon Jae-hyuk is INFP, also known as Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. This type is one of the rarest types possessed by humans. They are quiet, sensitive, and have an attitude that goes with the flow of life or goes with the flow.

INFPs often find expression in a rich fantasy life. They also really value reading, writing, art, and music, because it has been proven by his trainee period for 3 years and successfully debuted.

Treasure’s Asahi’s MBTI Is INFP


There are many members of Treasure who have MBTI as INFPs. You could say they have the same characteristics, but there may also be minor differences between them. Treasure’s Asahi‘s MBTI is an INFP who is also ‘The Healer’, who has the ability to understand other people’s emotions.

Although they tend to have a closed character, idealistic, creative, and uphold high values. He also has a strong motto, “good attitude, good mood, good music”. INFPs have a desire to make the world a better place so they don’t hesitate to help others in the best way possible.

Treasure’s Bang Yedam’s MBTI Is INFP

TREASURE's Bang Yedam's MBTI

Treasure’s Bang Yedam‘s MBTI is INFP. The INFP personality as ‘The Mediator’ is a true idealist, always looking for the good in even the worst people or events, looking for ways to make them better.

While they may come across as reserved, unfriendly, and even shy, they have a fire and passion inside that can really shine through. Although they are idealistic, they are also interested in learning more about other people.

Treasure’s Doyoung’s MBTI Is ENTJ


Treasure’s Doyoung has the same MBTI as his fellow member, Jihoon. Both of them are ENTJ, which is known as the commander and executor figure. ENTJs are also known for being candid.

Treasure’s Doyoung is also the trainee with the longest period, which is for 5 years. At times, ENTJ types are stubborn, impatient, intolerant, has strong determination and high ambition. He even has a motto, “Challenges don’t have an end”.

Treasure’s Haruto’s MBTI Is ISFP


Of the many introvert members in Treasure, there’s Haruto has a slightly different MBTI result from the other members, which is an ISFP, who is usually a person who can make others comfortable, and has a high concern for others, and is creative.

Because of that, he was nicknamed ‘The Artist’ among other personalities. When it comes to his character, Treasure’s Haruto has a handsome face, long legs, and attractive eyes. This is why he is becoming the visual of the group.

Treasure’s Park Jung-woo’s MBTI Is ISFP

TREASURE's Park Jeong-woo's MBTI

Just like Treasure’s Haruto, Park Jung-woo also has an MBTI whose result is an ISFP. He has a free spirit that makes ISFPs known as adventurous personality types. ISFP is an artist who prioritizes aesthetics.

Although classified as a spontaneous and unpredictable type, ISFPs are able to evaluate and introspect themselves when they are in a saturation phase. Treasure’s Park Jung-woo has never missed a day of practice, he’s truly been an artist since day one.

Treasure’s So Jung-hwan’s MBTI Is ENFP-T

TREASURE's So Jung-hwan's MBTI

Lastly, Treasure’s So Jung-hwan‘s MBTI is ENFP-T. They are having an open and friendly attitude. He is adept at inspiring, and coloring the lives of those around him with kindness.

In addition to being adventurous, he also has a deep love for everyone, has a high level of concern, and is willing to communicate without much choice. His enthusiastic attitude makes people feel comfortable around him.

Well, that was all for the information about Treasure’s MBTI result that you should know. Do you have the same MBTI as Treasure’s members? If you like this article, don’t forget to share on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!