What Is Treasure’s Hyunsuk and Jihoon’s Relationship Like with The Members?


Treasure Leader

Treasure: The Unique Group With Two Leaders

The leader is one of the most important positions in K-pop. The Leader in a K-pop group has the important role of keeping the group as one, settling the differences among the members, and mediating when internal problems occur. The leader also usually takes part in answering the questions in interviews.

In a K-pop group, the leader is chosen according to age, or according to the time the members have been trainees, namely the one who has been a trainee the longest. But most importantly, the title leader of the group would be given to the person who’s considered to be more mature, experienced, and talented.

Most K-pop groups have a leader, a permanent one, a temporary one who changes every comeback, and then there are groups who have no official leader. And there are also groups with two leaders, though it doesn’t happen often. One of the active K-pop groups with two leaders is Treasure.


Originally debuting with 13 members under YG Entertainment, Treasure is now an active 12-member group with two leaders: Hyunsuk and Jihoon. The dynamic of having two leaders is surely interesting to watch as it doesn’t happen too often in K-pop. Curious about the relationship of Hyunsuk and Jihoon with the other Treasure members as their leaders? Let’s check out this Channel-Korea article below.

Treasure Leaders and the Members Who Keep Teasing Each Other


Debuting in 2020, Treasure have charmed people with their personalities on a reality show. The chaotic relationship between the leaders and the members and their unique interaction left fans amused and brought more people to them on the reality show. As leaders, Hyunsuk and Jihoon also take part as the mom and dad of the group. In the profile written by Hyunsuk, he wrote his role as leader, rapper, dancer, and even added mom. Then when Jihoon was asked who is the dad of the group, Hyunsuk enthusiastically answered that Jihoon is the dad of the group.

This shows that they have chosen to be governed by the rule that whenever other Treasure members make a mess or cause a scene in a variety show, Jihoon and Hyunsuk would be the ones to take care of them and clean up the mess. Hyunsuk is also the one who takes care of the members just like a mother would, like sending the members to school, cooking them breakfast, and holding them when they fall together with Jihoon.

There are times when Treasure members make chaotic scenes like disobeying the leaders’ words, or teasing their leaders, but they do it playfully so the leaders are okay with that.

The Reason Why Hyunsuk and Jihoon Are the Best Leaders


No one can act as a better leader in Treasure than Hyunsuk and Jihoon. As leaders, Hyunsuk and Jihoon take turns in taking care of the other members, protecting the other members’ image in front of the camera, and giving them encouragement. Even though the leader Jihoon often clowns other members, he’s also the one who notices other members’ discomfort when they are doing a live event.

Hyunsuk and Jihoon as a chaotic duo often show their care toward the members by feeding them or cooking for them though the food is far from delicious, but they try to not let the other members go hungry.

Hyunsuk vs Jihoon in Handling Their Members


In terms of personality, there’s a difference between the two leaders of Treasure, Hyunsuk and Jihoon. While they are both caring leaders, Hyunsuk is more into worrying and taking care of the members carefully, whereas Jihoon is the one who disciplines the other members. Jihoon is the one who stops the member when they go overboard with words, while Hyunsuk is the one who stops the members from embarrassing themselves in front of the camera.

Hyunsuk is often teased not only by Jihoon but also by the other members because of his funny nature, but on the other hand, he can seem calm when there’s trouble like when the food they cook is messy or when the members are afraid of going to haunted places. He feeds the members carefully and makes sure that the members get the food they want.

Meanwhile, Jihoon’s job is to tease Hyunsuk and the other members, but the other members make sure that they listen to what Jihoon says as Jihoon is in charge of disciplining the members. Surely there’s a time when they make fun of each other but it doesn’t go overboard.

Looking at the relationship between the two leaders of Treasure and their ten members is a splendid way to spend the day. They are hilarious and full of laughter, so it would bring much laughter to watch them interact with each other.

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