Treasure’s Haruto: Profile, Pre-Debut, Age, Birthday, Etc.

Treasure’s Haruto’s Debut


The popularity of Treasure and Magnum increased as the show ended. The two groups combined and became Treasure 13. They had a pre-debut project called “Treasure Map” on their YouTube Channel even before Treasure made its debut.

Fans were so excited to see how the boys performed and produced their music, especially after YG Entertainment in early 2020 released an announcement that Treasure will be contributing to the making of their songs.

However, it wasn’t the only announcement that YG Entertainment made. They also released a statement that Ha Yoonbin, one of the participants of YG Treasure Box who made it into the final lineup of Treasure, couldn’t join in the end. Ha Yoonbin wanted to focus on a solo career. So, fans can’t help but support Ha Yoonbin separately since it was the best for him anyway.


So, instead of Treasure 13, the group’s name became Treasure and consists of 12 members. The members are Hyunsuk, Jihoon, Jaehyuk, Yoshi, Asahi, Mashiho, Doyoung, Junkyu, Yedam, Haruto, Jeongwoo, and Junghwan.

Treasure made its debut by releasing its first single called “Boy” on August 7, 2020. Let’s check out the music video of Treasure’s debut song, “Boy!”

Treasure also released the dance practice for “Boy.” So, if you like to do dance covers, you can learn the dance moves by seeing the video below!

What do you think about Treasure’s debut era? It was nice to see that Haruto at such a young age could debut in a K-pop group. His family must be so proud of him. He also moved to a school in Korea. Haruto is such a strong boy!

Treasure’s Haruto’s Performances on Stage

We know that Treasure made its debut in 2020. Even before that, the boys trained for a long time. Some members trained for over five years, and some trained for around two years. All that experience made them talented performers.

Haruto was a trainee since he was in middle school. No wonder his performances on stage are wonderful. If you’re curious about how Treasure and Haruto performed on stage, let’s check out Treasure’s live performance on music shows!

And, if you think that it’s hard to see Haruto’s performance since the other members are charming too, then you have to see the videos that only focus on Haruto. Check these out!

What do you think about Haruto and Treasure’s performances on stage? They are awesome, right? Despite their young age, Treasure proved that they are worth it!

Treasure’s Haruto’s Family


We talked about how Haruto grew up in a family that likes K-pop. That’s because Haruto’s parents are fans of K-pop, more specifically they are fans of YG Entertainment’s artists. Haruto’s parents are VIPs, or BIGBANG fans. Even his mom is a fan of Taeyang.

In some of YG Treasure Box, we can see glimpses of Treasure’s Haruto’s family’s house. There, they showed how much they love BIGBANG. No wonder Haruto joined an audition for YG Entertainment. Now, Haruto’s mom must be so proud that her son is in the same company as her idol!

haruto treasure family

Not only that, but Haruto’s parents also were there to support Haruto when he joined the YG Treasure Box competition. They came all the way from Japan to Korea to show support for their only son. Even after debuting, they still support Haruto who now lives in Seoul.

Let’s check out some moments of Haruto and his family!

haruto family

What do you think about Haruto’s family? They are such a lovely family, right?

Treasure’s Haruto in a Web Drama

Treasure always provides fans with a lot of content. Not only on their social medias such as Twitter, Instagram, or Fan Café, but they also give the fans fun content on Treasure’s YouTube channel. The content includes behind the scenes and dance practices in “Treasure Map.”

In “Treasure Map,” Treasure shows the fans what they are like in their dorm. Sometimes, they do vlogs or some missions. In one of the episodes, Treasure did an audition for a web drama that they will shoot. They tried out some acts and even reenacted some scenes of a drama. Haruto is one of the members who did well!

Haruto was chosen for the role of the bad boy. Let’s check out the video of Haruto as a bad boy in Treasure’s web drama!

What do you think about actor Haruto? We can’t wait to see more of Haruto’s acting in the future!


Well, that’s all the information about Haruto that we can provide you. Hopefully, all that info can help you understand him better. Haruto is such a talented rapper. He started training at a young age. No wonder he did really well. Which of his charms do you like the most? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!