TRCNG’s Jihun: Profile, Pre Debut, Drama, Etc.

TRCNG’s Jihun’s Performances on Stage


Jihun made a debut when he was still underage, just like other members of TRCNG. It was 2017 when they were still 18 in the Korean age system, or 17 in the international age system. Can you imagine being 17 and already having to endure all the pains of being an idol? But they overcame them really well. TRCNG showed the fans that they were professionals even though they were young.

And just like that, time flew by really fast and we have reached the fifth year of TRCNG as of 2021. They will have their 4th anniversary in October 2021. Well, even Jihun who was in high school is already in college by now. They have grown up really well. They have also improved their skills in terms of dancing, singing, rapping, etc.

Let’s check out the performances of TRCNG in some music shows!

Woah, their performances are really amazing, right? Well, of course, K-pop groups are really all about dancing and singing. It’s good that we can listen to their songs on music streaming platforms. But if we can see their performance, it really hits a different spot.

But we can’t really focus on Jihun only in the previous videos, right? So, we provide videos that only focus on Jihun’s performances. Let’s check them out below!

What do you think about Jihun and TRCNG’s performances? They are really amazing, right? Hmm, now you probably wonder why have TRCNG not gotten the spotlight they deserve despite the fact that they are an amazing boy group. You will find out why in the section below!

TRCNG’s Jihun’s Mistreatment


We have seen how good TRCNG’s performances are and how adorable the members are. Well, they have also produced good songs too. In that case, why did their name as a K-pop group didn’t really blow up? Unlike some other K-pop groups that you see on some social media, there are K-pop fans who still don’t know much about them.


That could be because their agency, TS Entertainment didn’t promote them well. That might be the first reason. And the other reason is the lawsuit filed against the agency from their own members, Wooyeop and Taeseon. The two members took legal action regarding allegations of child abuse, lack of management, etc., in early 2019.


Wooyeop and Taeseon testified that the members were being abused when they would make a mistake. They also had to practice for 12 hours from evening to dawn, making them lack sleep. There was also a member who had to be hospitalized because of that.


However, as a result, Wooyeop and Taeseon were the only members who left the group. While the rest of the members are still with TS Entertainment, including Jihun. On November 27th, 2019, the parents of the remaining members filed a lawsuit against Wooyeop and Taeseon’s statements. Which said that the two of them were playing victims.

jihun trcng

Even so, most netizens believed Wooyeop and Taeseon. That’s because B.A.P and Secret, the former groups under TS Entertainment also went through the same thing.

So now, there are only 8 members in TRCNG. Hopefully, the rest of the members of TRCNG get the treatment they deserve. Cheer up, TRCNG!

TRCNG’s Jihun’s As a Child Actor


We have mentioned that Jihun was a child actor before. Even now, Jihun is still into acting. He enrolled in the theater and film department, Jihun also majored in the Acting field in college. Seems like Jihun still can’t get over his roots. While we wait and wish him to get another role in acting, let’s check out some of Jihun’s dramas!

TRCNG’s Jihun in Five Fingers

five fingers

This is the second drama for Jihun, who made a debut in Glory Jane in 2011. A year later, Jihun starred in Five Fingers, a drama aired on SBS from August to November 2012.

The story was about a boy named Yoo Ji-ho who used to live with his grandmother. But due to an accident, his grandmother was killed. Since he was still young back then, he was asked to live with Yoo In-ha’s family. Yoo In-ha is a prodigy who is cocky. Yoo In-ha and his mom don’t like the presence of Yoo Ji-ho in their family.


So, what is going to happen next for Yoo Ji-ho? Will Yoo Ji-ho take over Yoo In-ha’s position as the heir of his family’s wealth? Will he finally reach his dream to become a pianist? You can watch the drama to find out!

Jihun played as the young Yoo In-ha, while the adult version was played by Ji Changwook. In this drama, there are also other child actors such as Kang Yi-suk and Kim Sung-kyung or Lami who was a SM Rookies member.

TRCNG’s Jihun in Doctor Stranger

doctor strange

The next drama of Jihun that you should watch is Doctor Stranger. Nope, this isn’t the Marvel movie that you think of.

It’s a story about a doctor named Park Hoon, who was kidnapped to North Korea when he was a child along with his father. He was trained to be a doctor until he became a genius doctor. He is a cardiothoracic surgeon. He also has a lover named Song Jae-hee, a girl he met in North Korea.

han jaejoon jihun

Park Hoon and Song Jae-hee planned to leave for South Korea, but they lost contact. In the end, Park Hoon is the only one to fly to South Korea. He tries to live as a doctor in one of the hospitals there. He meets a fellow cardiothoracic surgeon, Oh Soo-hyun who helps him. There’s also Han Jae-joon, the genius doctor who becomes Park Hoon’s rival.

Jihun portrayed Han Jae-joon as a child. While the older version of Han Jae-joon is played by Park Hae-jin. Hmm, once again, he became the “second lead” in this drama. You can check out the whole drama if you want to know more about the story!


Well, it’s a wrap, everyone! It’s really a pleasure for us to introduce you to all of Jihun from TRCNG’s charms. Even though their agency has a bad reputation in handling their artists, Jihun is actually really talented and charming too. He was a child actor in the past, he would probably be a really good actor now if he gets another acting opportunity. So, let’s wish the best for Jihun and the other TRCNG members!