Get To Know TRCNG’s Rapper, Hyunwoo: Profile, Facts, Pre-Debut Story, Fancam Performance, Etc.

trcng's hyunwoo

TRCNG’s Hyunwoo – The Alluring Rapper and Dancer of TRCNG!

Have you heard about the boy group TRCNG? The group debuted in 2017 and currently consists of eight members. Today, we’re going to talk about one of them, Hyunwoo! Before his debut as a TRCNG member, he used to be a model and actor. Do you want to know more details about him? In this article, Channel Korea will reveal everything about TRCNG’s Hyunwoo, so let’s get started!

Full Profile of TRCNG’s Hyunwoo

trcng's hyunwoo

Birth Name: Kim Hyun-woo (김현우)

Stage Name: Hyunwoo (현우)

Date of Birth: January 21, 2001

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 173 cm

Weight: –

Blood Type: A

Position: Rapper, Dancer

Occupation: Rapper

Years Active: 2017 – Present

Label: TS Entertainment

Associated With: TRCNG

Instagram: @neulbo_x.x

Fun Facts About TRCNG’s Hyunwoo

trcng's hyunwoo
  • TRCNG’s Hyunwoo’s nickname is Sloth because his appearance and personality resemble sloths
  • TRCNG’s Hyunwoo and fellow member Jisung took the longest time in training (over 5 years)
  • TRCNG’s Hyunwoo attended Hanlim Multi Art School
  • TRCNG’s Hyunwoo’s nationality is Korean
  • TRCNG’s Hyunwoo’s was a child model
  • TRCNG’s Hyunwoo’s is the member who eats the most
  • TRCNG’s Hyunwoo’s is very fond of rice, and he can eat five bowls of rice at once
  • TRCNG’s Hyunwoo enjoys working out and exercising
  • One of TRCNG’s Hyunwoo’s specialties is arm wrestling
  • TRCNG’s Hyunwoo’s favorite musicians are Meek Mill, Tyler the Creator, and Beenzino
  • TRCNG’s Hyunwoo’s goal is to do his best modestly
  • TRCNG’s Hyunwoo’s motto is: “Let’s not give up”

What Is TRCNG’s Hyunwoo’s Ideal Type?

trcng's hyunwoo

Now that you know Hyunwoo’s general profile and some of his interesting facts, let’s move on to Hyunwoo’s ideal type! Many fans have to wonder what sort of ideal type Hyunwoo likes or prefers in a girl. However, Hyunwoo has not revealed his ideal type yet, but we believe he would want a kind and nice girl as his partner!

Pre-Debut Story of TRCNG’s Hyunwoo

trcng's hyunwoo

Hyunwoo started his career early as a child model. As a child, Hyunwoo was already blessed with such charming visuals! Other than that, Hyunwoo also made a small appearance in the drama My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho.

As he grew older, Hyunwoo found out that music was intriguing which made him pursue a career in it. He became a trainee under TS Entertainment for more than five years, and his struggle yielded a great achievement- Hyunwoo eventually debuted as one of TRCNG’s members!

Let’s take a look at Hyunwoo’s pre-debut appearance here:

hyunwoo trcng profile pre debut
trcng's hyunwoo predebut

Hyunwoo’s Official Debut With TRCNG

TRCNG group

After more than five years of training, Hyunwoo must be very proud since he has become a dancer and rapper for the group TRCNG! He officially debuted on October 10, 2017, with the other seven members with the first mini-album New Generation and its title track “Spectrum.” TRCNG stands for “Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation” and announced its official fandom as Champion.

trcng's hyunwoo
TRCNG group

During TRCNG members’ self-introductions, Hyunwoo said, “Hello, I’m Hyunwoo, the sloth of TRCNG.” Such a hilarious introduction, right? On the other hand, New Generation and “Spectrum” became hits and were followed by the release of the single album Who Am I and its lead single “Wolf Boy” on January 2, 2018. Hyunwoo and the other members also released some Japanese singles such as “Don’t Stop the Dancing” and “Game Changer.”

Check Out TRCNG’s Hyunwoo’s Focus Fancams Here!

trcng's hyunwoo

Let’s watch and listen to TRCNG’s Hyunwoo’s performances through these amazing fancam videos:

Hyunwoo made the crowd get even louder with his standout performance during TRCNG’s “Wolf Baby!” He appeared with a darker hairstyle, bright red and white outfit, and a magnificent facial expression. He looks as alluring as the wolf baby!

This one isn’t a focus fancam performance of Hyunwoo, but we get to know another talent that he has! Hyunwoo performed a small cover song of “I Don’t Wanna Be You Anymore” by Billie Eilish! His performance looks different than usual since he was singing and wasn’t rapping. But, still, his voice sounded as good as ever!

TRCNG’s Hyunwoo is a multitalented artist! He can rap, sing, dance, model, and even act! Do you think that Hyunwoo is a good rapper? Leave your opinion through the comment section below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!