TRCNG’s Hayoung: Profile, Pre-Debut, Mistreatment, Etc.

TRCNG’s Hayoung’s Performances on Stage


When he just made a debut, Hayoung was just a seventeen-year-old boy. Or, in the Korean age system, he was eighteen years old. Hayoung was even attending high school back then. But he managed to follow the schedule of being both an idol and a student. Not to mention that he still needed to practice a lot even after debuting. Hayoung was really strong.

Can’t believe that it has already been over three years ago since TRCNG released “Spectrum”, their debut song. Hayoung has graduated from high school now. During that time, TRCNG didn’t stop releasing amazing songs. They also performed and promoted their songs on some music shows.

Let’s check out the performances of TRCNG!

Well, then again, K-pop idols are all about having good performances on stages, right? It’s true that their songs are nice, but it’s even better when they perform them live on stage. We can clearly see them dancing to the song and singing it at the same time. Hayoung, as the main vocalist, shows his amazing vocal abilities every time they perform.

But you must be wondering how good Hayoung is as a dancer now. Well, indeed, Hayoung’s voice is really soothing and powerful. But Hayoung’s dancing skills are no joke either. To get a better focus on Hayoung’s dancing, let’s check out the videos that only focus on Hayoung!


What do you think about Hayoung and TRCNG’s performances in general? They are so cool, right? Hmm, we haven’t even shown you all of his charms. Please scroll down for more cool things ahead!

TRCNG’s Hayoung’s Mistreatment


Well, it was such a good thing to know that TRCNG produced nice songs. But you might be wondering, why have people missed out on these amazing talents? Not only Hayoung, but other members are captivating too in their own ways. First of all, as we told you before, it could be because of the agency.


As you may know, TS Entertainment was the agency of B.A.P. And B.A.P once filed a lawsuit about their mistreatment, and they wanted to terminate their contracts. So, all of the members of B.A.P, even though they are still on good terms, decided to leave TS Entertainment.


The same goes for TRCNG members. In 2019, there was a piece of news about Wooyeop and Taeseon who filed a lawsuit against TS Entertainment. They protested against the violence and strict rules for the members. Wooyeop and Taeseon were witnesses of the abuse of the choreographers toward the members when they would make mistakes.


They also had to train for 12 hours non-stop from evening until dawn. Not only that, but there was also a statement about the bills that were not being paid, causing the parents to have to pay them.


Because of that, Wooyeop and Taeseon terminated their contracts. So, that’s why TRCNG now only has 8 members. It would be so sad if Hayoung and the rest of the members have to face such mistreatment. Wish nothing but the best for them! They are such pure talents, hopefully, their potentials are not being wasted due to mistreatment like this.

TRCNG’s Hayoung’s Cover


Let’s put aside the fact that TS Entertainment once again mistreated their artists. For now, it’s time to see how talented Hayoung is! He is such a great main vocalist, he sang his parts in TRCNG‘s songs really well too. Ah, if only Jung Daehyun knows how talented Hayoung is, as the idol of Hayoung, Daehyun must be so proud!

Okay then, let’s see some songs that we can listen to and praise how good Hayoung’s voice is.

Are you a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer? If yes, then you are so lucky because Hayoung once did a cover of 5SOS’s song titled “Youngblood”. Let’s check out the cover song by Hayoung below!

Hayoung also did a cover of Korean singer, Jukjae’s song “Letter”. His voice is so smooth.

Are you a fan of Rothy, perhaps? Or at least, do you like Rothy’s songs? Because if it’s yes, then you are so lucky once again. Hayoung also did a cover of Rothy’s song “Stars”. Check out the video below!

Are you saying that Hayoung only does covers of songs? Well, bestie, of course not. Hayoung also does dance covers. He did a dance cover with Eujin from Sonamoo and Jisung, his groupmate. Let’s check out the video below!

So, what do you think about Hayoung’s covers? You can also share your love and support for Hayoung in the comment section!

TRCNG’s Hayoung’s English


We told you that Hayoung used to live in California for three years. With that amount of time, he was able to learn English quite well. That makes him the English speaker of the group. It is such a blessing for a K-pop group to have an English speaker, so they can greet us, international fans, too.

So, you must be curious about Hayoung’s English skills now. Well, we have checked his “English pronunciation” in a video of him covering 5SOS’s song. But we haven’t really seen him speak in English, literally. Wait no more, let’s check out the video of Hayoung speaking English!

Even though Hayoung is Korean, we can definitely say hi to him without worrying about the language barrier. Hayoung can understand and speak to you! So, if one day Hayoung had a live on Instagram of VLive, you can share your message of support to Hayoung. And please be nice to him since he understands English. Yep, don’t forget to be good fans, fellas!


Well, it’s really such a pleasure for us to introduce you to Hayoung. He’s really such an amazing guy, isn’t he? Not only Hayoung has a great vocal skill, but he can also dance really well. His pure intention to follow in the footsteps of his idol, Jung Daehyun, really turned him into a star himself. Even though his agency mistreated him and the other boys, Hayoung still shines brightly no matter what. Don’t forget to kindly write a comment to support Hayoung!