Get To Know Entertainer and Former TRAX Member, No Min-woo

No Min-woo’s Controversy with SM Entertainment

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In the middle of his career, No Min-woo filed a lawsuit related to the contract that SM Entertainment gave him in the past. No Min-woo’s representative, JC Partners, filed a lawsuit in which the actor sought compensation of 100 million won as a result of losses he suffered during promotions. No Min-woo also reported SM Entertainment to the Fair Trade Commission for unfair treatment.

“Before No Min-woo debuted, he signed a contract of up to 17 years. To be honest, a contract of more than seven years is considered unfair. So demanding a 17-year-long contract is a natural thing,” said the Midas actor’s representative.

“After feeling troubled, No Min-woo showed signs of opposition (to the contract), SM Entertainment stopped all expected support from an agency. He then started his own activities, but SM Entertainment blocked his appearance on television,” continued the representative.

Meanwhile, for this lawsuit, SM Entertainment has issued their statement through a media, Star Today. “We plan to file a lawsuit against all statements related to the allegations and baseless reports,” said a representative from SM Entertainment.

no min woo trax profile

After that piece of news surfaced in July 2018, he was finally discharged from the military service that had begun in August 2016. After being discharged, he made an appearance at the 2018 MAMA and stood at his first official public appearance.

no min woo trax profile

In 2018, No Min-woo again surprised the public with another piece of news. Regarding his contract with SM Entertainment, No Min-woo recently decided to lose to the giant agency in a trial.

As is known, in November 2015, No Min-woo filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. The reason was that No Min-woo judged that SM Entertainment had interfered with his activities in the entertainment world.

On June 20th, 2018, Supreme Court Justice Kwon Soon-il decided to drop No Min-woo’s lawsuit. No Min-woo had previously also lost in the first and second trial, and the judge said there was no reason for the plaintiff’s appeal. On the other hand, in case of appeal, except for criminal cases, the court may dismiss the case without further examination if there is no violation of law or unfair judgment.

no min woo trax profile

“Since he debuted as a TRAX member when he left, SM Entertainment did not plan or manage properly,” said No Min-woo’s representative. “After he left TRAX, they didn’t do any management. They also didn’t give him the opportunity to do music or acting.”

“They also interfere with their activities in the entertainment world by putting pressure on production directors or production company executives,” continued No Min-woo’s representative.

Meanwhile, representatives from SM Entertainment then issued a response to the allegations. “No Min-woo randomly left TRAX, so we had to pay a penalty to the Japanese management company,” said SM Entertainment. “However, we did not ask him to take responsibility for it and provided various management so that he could promote as an actor. No Min-woo unilaterally informed the agency about the termination of the contract.”

“The agency faithfully carries out its management duties and does not interfere with his activities in the entertainment world,” SM Entertainment concluded. The court ruled in favor of SM Entertainment for the first and second trials due to insufficient evidence for No Min-woo’s claim.